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Discussion in 'Personnel moves' started by andjel, Apr 13, 2017.

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    It looks like you mis-read that bit about Collins and Leaf. I wasn't comparing them, just saying that they are both guys projected to go in the middle of the first round who wouldn't be seen as big reaches at #10. You're right that there is no comparison. biltalent was asking me why I would have Evans and Motley under consideration at #10 when all the mocks have them going much lower than that and my rationale is we're trying to find the best player on the board not "win" the draft. If you can trade down and get the guy you want at a lower pick while adding additional assets that's great but there won't necessarily be a trade there just because we want one. Every year there are a few players who are overlooked and fall 10, 20, or 30 spots lower than they should have been drafted. Knowing what we know now nobody would bat an eye at taking Isaiah Thomas at #10 (other than being surprised he lasted that long) but on draft day that pick would have been ripped apart. I brought up Motley because I think he'll be better than his current projection but he's barely under consideration for me at 10, and his injury makes me pretty certain he'll slip into the second round after all.
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    Another player I wouldn't mind the Kings taking in the 2nd round is Devin Robinson of Florida. He's a 6'8" SF who is a very good athlete, and a very good defender at the college level. He's blessed with an almost 7 foot wingspan. He can, depending on the matchup, defend three positions.. When he played agai

    No, I understand what your were saying. I was speaking in more general terms, but didn't do a very good job of it since I was replying to you. By the way, I like Devin Robinson as a long term project. Very good athlete, with a decent shot when squared up, but he takes too many bad shots. Has some bad habits, but all are correctable. He's already a good defender who can defend more than one position, and the Kings dearly need some players that can defend on the perimeter to give our bigs a bit of a break. Robinson is a player I would draft and immediately send to the G-League for the year. In a year or two, we might have ourselves a good rotational player. At worse he might become a solid 3 and D player.
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    Interested in your take of Nigel Williams-Goss. I watched a lot of Gonzaga this year (Saint Mary's fan). I think he has a shot to be a long term rotational guard. A back up point that can run the pick and roll, hit 3s and competes on D seems like a good use of a second rounder. Reminds me of Seth Curry, but with actual point guard skills.
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    I sort of run hot and cold on Goss. He's one of those players that will drive you nuts at times with his inconsistency. He'll go 9 for 16 in one game, and then go 5 for 19 in the next. He sort of did that all year. I think Curry is a better overall shooter. Goss also struggled to create his own shot at times. He's a good passer and usually found a way to get into the lane, but sometimes dribbled into trouble. I don't blame him for transferring to Gonzaga from Washington with Fultz coming in, and it paid dividends with Gonzaga's run toward a national title.

    If I'm Goss I return to Gonzaga for my senior year and hope for another run. If not, then I see him on a G-League team somewhere. I doubt he gets drafted, and hey, I'd have no problem with him being on the Reno team. Maybe in a year or so, you might have something.
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    Kings won't have a 2nd round pick if they keep the number 1 pick. 2nd round pick goes to Chicago.
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    We got Philly's second round pick this year from the Pelicans in the Cousins trade.
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