Why do they wait so long for the lottery?

Discussion in 'NBA' started by est.1999, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. est.1999

    est.1999 Well-Known Member

    Why does the NBA wait so long to conduct the lottery? Is there any logical reason to make teams and fans stress out that long? What if some teams are on the verge of wanting to make a gm or coaching change? Their draft slot can make a huge difference in their direction.
  2. Warhawk

    Warhawk The cake is a lie. Staff Member Contributor

    Why are you stressing about it? Makes no difference if it was held now or in a month. Playoffs are underway, so coaches in the playoffs can't interview anyways.
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  3. Folsomkingsfan

    Folsomkingsfan Active Member

    The process takes time. March Madness doesn't end until early April. You need to give players some time off to relax and heal after a grueling season, especially if they go deep into the tournament. Then also give them some time to get back in the weight room to prep for the combine. Then you get the combine in mid May and that usually takes a few days. Then you need to give teams some time post combine to begin conducting their own personal interviews with the players. Once the lottery order is decided you need to give teams additional time to conduct their own personal workouts and start creating their big boards, usually for multiple positions. This probably takes a few weeks and in a lot of cases, is being worked on right up until draft night.

    You have to understand that these teams are drafting players that they feel will best help them succeed into the foreseeable future. One great pick can make or break a teams future. It definitely isn't a decision that should ever be rushed.
  4. est.1999

    est.1999 Well-Known Member

    lol I never said to rush the draft and combine. I said they should just conduct the lottery once the season is over. Can't see why anyone would ever object to that.
  5. ockingsfan

    ockingsfan Well-Known Member

    I would suspect it is the NBA's ploy to keep the fans of the non-playoff teams reeled in to the NBA.

    The NBA lottery is midway through the playoffs and draft, so the non-playoff team fans need to keep an eye on the playoffs, in anticipation of the draft lottery.

    If the draft lottery was held a few days after the season, then there is no reason for the non-playoff team fans to watch the playoffs. Now, the NBA has you and everyone anticipating and thinking about them until the draft lottery and then they only have 1 month to the draft. So, the NBA keeps us in suspense and talking about them for the next month.

    So long story short, I think they do it for the ratings. ;)
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  6. Warhawk

    Warhawk The cake is a lie. Staff Member Contributor

    Um, I'm not watching most of the playoffs and I'm still interested in the Lottery. There is no connection between the two.
  7. ockingsfan

    ockingsfan Well-Known Member

    It's not just the ratings for the playoffs, but it keeps you talking about the NBA. It keeps you in suspense for the next month, like a cliff hanger for a tv show. If the mystery was solved right away, there is no suspense.
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  8. kingsboi

    kingsboi Well-Known Member

    It's all about building that suspense
  9. HndsmCelt

    HndsmCelt Well-Known Member

    I think you pretty much nailed it. By not pulling ping pong until near the end of the play offs unscrupulous coaches and GM's *cough Kevin McHale cough* are pretty limited in what shenanigans they can pull. Draft order for non-playoff teams is not set, so any conversations really have to be hypothetical even for guys that have no problem with violating rules.
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  10. Warhawk

    Warhawk The cake is a lie. Staff Member Contributor

    But you drew a connection between the playoffs and the lottery saying that "the non-playoff team fans need to keep an eye on the playoffs, in anticipation of the draft lottery" when there is no such connection. And there is no "suspense", at least not for me. Maybe the day of I will be anxious to see what happens, but not now. I am patiently waiting for it to happen but I am not watching the playoffs and not even thinking about the lottery until it comes up. Tomorrow, next week, or next month - doesn't matter in the least. It will be what it will be - what suspense is there a month or two out?
  11. ockingsfan

    ockingsfan Well-Known Member

    Well, there is a reason why people come to these chat boards and that is to talk about their teams.

    Just by you being on this board and speculating about what might or might not happen to the Kings in the lottery and the draft, keeps the NBA on peoples minds.

    Maybe not you, but I would think that the majority of posters here are wondering and thinking about what the results of the lottery will be. Once the results are in, there will be a solid month of discussion of who we should and should not pick. I would think that a lot people have marked down the lottery date and time to tune in too. It also makes for good talk radio and conversation about the NBA for the non-playoff team fans. Having the lottery half way through the TDOS gives fans something to talk about for a month and 1 month later there is the draft. It splits the 2 month period nicely for fans of non-playoff teams, to keep their interests.
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  12. Warhawk

    Warhawk The cake is a lie. Staff Member Contributor

    I don't keep the NBA on everyone's minds - I'm here reacting to what we all observe and experience.

    And there really is nothing to talk about regarding the lottery. It will be what it is, and no amount of crying or gnashing of teeth will change anything. There are a few threads discussing remote possibilities of losing the pick, and a few folks trying to read the tea leaves on who will be drafted where. And just about everyone will be wrong, especially when some top pick opts out or gets injured in tryouts or whatever. Some person not in the top 10 will get drafted there and bump others down. Someone we want will get taken right before we pick. Pulling your hair out over it or spending weeks reading tea leaves on who is drafting who makes no difference. Do you really have nothing better to do than obsess over random lottery ball selection a month before it happens?

    Sure, we all wonder what the results would be. Me too. I never said I don't wonder or want to know.

    But what I said was that whether they do it now or later doesn't matter. You are the one drawing unsupportable conclusions that having the drawing in the middle of the playoffs is encouraging everyone to watch the first round games. For a very few, maybe, it might be an influence. But for an the vast majority, I'd bet dollars to donuts either you watch the PO because you are interested in them or, like me, you really don't because my (your) team is out of it and I don't really care who wins most series. I've watched a quarter of PO basketball here and there this year, but the lottery has no bearing on my decision to watch or not. And I'd bet the same for at least 95% of NBA fans.
  13. ockingsfan

    ockingsfan Well-Known Member

    Everyone is different, but I would say that the NBA puts the Draft Lottery in the middle of the playoffs to keep the suspense in for fans of non-playoff teams. Otherwise, why not just hold the lottery right after the coin flips to break the draft ties?

    Whether you watch the playoffs or not, the NBA wants their fans to be looking forward to watching something about their (non-playoff) teams in the middle of the playoffs, instead of just forgetting about the NBA until the draft.

    The draft lottery actually splits the playoffs right in half and keeps people talking about the NBA. I live in so cal and they are talking about the Lakers and their fate resting on the lottery on a daily basis on sports talk radio.

    Just as you said, you don't watch the playoffs at all. Well, now that the lottery is during the middle of the NBA playoffs, you have a reason to tune in to watch, even if it is just for the lottery.

    They may put the Lottery in the middle of the playoffs in hopes that after you watch the lottery, that you start tuning into the playoff games, when they start getting serious.

    I am not sure, but I am sure the NBA research people have decided that the most advantageous time to hold the lottery is in the middle of the playoffs. The NBA spends millions of dollars on marketing, media and to figure out when is the most opportune times to do things, and I am sure the NBA lottery date is no different.
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  14. Warhawk

    Warhawk The cake is a lie. Staff Member Contributor

    A lot of this I agree with, but that isn't what you initially said.

    I think they do it to keep the NBA in the news longer (just like with the individual awards they drag out for months). But I don't think it does anything in particular to encourage vast swaths of NBA fans to watch playoff series they otherwise wouldn't.

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