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Discussion in 'Kings Rap' started by VF21, May 16, 2017.

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    reputation improving? say it ain't so! let's improve that by making solid and sound decisions in the draft and in free agency. Please, no more overpaying for players that don't fit or bringing in players for the sake of making moves.
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    The tide is turning.

    Chad Fords Wednesday article

    "No NO NO. Reports of improved reputation are lies. The Kings are the most hated and disgraced franchise of all time. I blame my firing from ESPN on mentioning them. Reports are journalists think it's bad luck to cover the Kings. Rookies are staging a boycott..dysfunction...cherry picking...shareef "
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    From a draft perspective of course we are favourably viewed. We are rebuilding and young draft picks will be given every chance to contribute and improve rather then be burried on the bench.

    It's in every prospects best interests to join us, showcase their skills and reevaluate based on where we are by the time it's second contract extension time.
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    I would think that would be tampering by Atlanta to contact a Kings executive without our permission.

    Anyways, this can be easily fixed, give Scott Perry the GM title (which he pretty much is) and a GM salary and we are set.

    Easy peazy, lemon squeezy! :)
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