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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Emma, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. Warhawk

    Warhawk The cake is a lie. Staff Member Contributor

    Actually, some old Hardy Boys books. I had a bunch from when I was a kid and my wife ran across maybe a dozen more that I didn't have. Decided to read through the new (to me) stories, for nostalgia more than anything else.
  2. kingsfan1984

    kingsfan1984 Active Member

    Just found the book thread after discovering the "lounge" and enjoying and appreciatimg the write ups everyone jas done....this series peeked my interest a lot so thanks! I read the first 3 game of thrones books about 15 years ago after randomly pulling the first off the local library shelf as a teenager with the title catching my eye. Loved it due to all the death and hardship which i thought made it more real. Looking forward to this trying this series. Havent read fantasy in a long time.
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  3. kingsfan1984

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    Two of my favorite stories ive read that hold a special place in my top 5 list is Musashi (great book about a poor kid with veru rough life that finds his own way in a unlikely but inspiring journey into becoming a great samurai warrior)
    And my other favorite is Count of Monte Cristo. The book os far far better than the movie.

    Currently im reading a history book called The Silk Roads A New History of The World. It shifts the focus of the "center of the world" aroumd to tje different areas of tje world through time that bettet captures the rest of the worls that is always in the shadows of history here in tje West and gives a more accurate picture of power and importance of countrys/cities/regions over time. World makes a lot more sense such as the British Rusaian conflicts and why China or India wasn't taking over Europe
  4. Warhawk

    Warhawk The cake is a lie. Staff Member Contributor

    Just started Ready Player One last night on the advice of Fireplug. Hadn't even heard of it before but I'm really enjoying it so far. Nerds with a soft spot for the 80's should get it, now.

    Currently being made into a movie for release next year.
  5. The Hammer

    The Hammer Well-Known Member

    If I told you what political commentary I'm reading I would have antifa at my doorstep tomorrow.

    Other than that, I read Jesus Calling daily, a great daily devotional in normal language but with direct Biblical references.

    I need the latter to protect me from the former.
  6. kingsfan1984

    kingsfan1984 Active Member

    Just finished Trevor Noah's (now the host of the daily show) autobiography called "Born a Crime." What a crazy life. He came from "eating worms" poor in aparthied South Africa to what he is now. Amazing life full of some incrediblly difficult hardships. He brings a lot of humour and sharp wit to the carnage he lived through, mixing in some fasinating history and aobering perspectives of South Africa emerging from aparthied.
  7. kingsfan1984

    kingsfan1984 Active Member

    After reading your posts and Jalfa's posts, i read book 1 of the Malazan series. I thought it was decent but i wasnt sucked in enough that i felt i wanted to commit to another 8 or 9 books...BUT from what you said here is that Gardens of the Moon (the 1st book) is arguably the worst then maybe i should keep going and will be happy i invested more time....oddly for me the biggest issue i had was how the romantic relationships were portrayed. It felt lie made for young teen audience and took away a lot of the feeling of "realness" to me. I found it odd the graphic levels of violence on the one hand and on the other a child like timidity or a shy uncomfortableness with love/passion/intimacy or adult romance on the other hand.
  8. VF21

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    I'm reading The Breakers Series (books 1-3) by Edward W. Robinson. I've been looking for some new authors, and stumbled upon this in the "free" section of books for my Nook. I'm rapidly becoming addicted to eBooks and this series is one of the best I've come across (especially being free ;) ).

    In the Breakers series, humanity faces not one apocalypse, but two: first a lethal pandemic, then a war against those who made the virus. This collection includes the first three books and is over 1000 pages (350,000 words) of post-apocalyptic survival.


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