vivek ranked 28 for owners

Discussion in 'Off the Court' started by Jkbiker, Sep 4, 2017.

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  2. gunks

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    Seems about right...

    Jury is still out on whether or not Vivek has actually learned from his many, many, many mistakes. ... Or if he's just learned how to be more sneaky with his grossly incompetent meddling.

    I don't have any complaints for this offseason, but I won't be surprised at all the next time he does something foolish.
  3. kingsboi

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    he belongs in the bottom five so this is ranked in accordance with that
  4. Iced Espresso

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    Dolan is much worse.

    Gilbert at least spends some money, I'd peg Gilbert & Vivek at a tie for second to last place.
  5. CurseOfTheSalmons

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  6. dude12

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    Dolan is in a tier all by himself. He might be the worse owner in all sports.
  7. The Hammer

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    The ranking is 2 years out of date. Hiring Vlade and shutting the hell up is proving a great move. He's not stingy. He's largely solved all the problems that were here before he got here, and solved/worked through/learned from the problems he created when he got here. I'd put him at about 22 but that's because most owners aren't really that active so it's hard to rank them. He's smartly becoming one of those. Wasn't at first, at all. But you gotta give him credit, he's nearly done a 180. Failed hard and fast and then recovered.
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    hes number 1 because he committed to and kept the kings at home in sac. everything else though, the jury is still out. the potential is there but we all fear that he'll go back to meddling
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  9. VF21

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    Well, not all of us. I truly believe Vivek learned his lesson. He didn't get to be a multi-millionaire by not learning from his mistakes. :)
  10. One and Done

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    I'm hopeful he has more patience than Dolan, who history says can't spend more than two years rebuilding without meddling at the sacrifice of the team's long-term potential. I really lost all faith in the Knicks under Dolan once the owner went over Donnie Walsh's head on what was a very patient, calculated rebuild - and Walsh smartly quit thereafter. I hope Vivek and team can exhibit some patience over the next few years...they seem to have the right staff in place, and are now making smart moves.

    Additionally, they're spending money and being relatively smart with their signings - remember the Maloofian summers of annual FA dumpster dives and overpaying on mid-level extensions...all for the promise that we were "saving for the summer of 2010?" And after all of that charade, the real reason was that the Maloofs were broke? That was torture.

    Things are brighter, the pieces are in place. Just need to add some patience, and continued smarts. If we do this right, stay the course and weather some discomfort, we'll have a playoff team for many seasons. Do this wrong...well, we'll be at the top of this list for a long time.
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