Vet free agents and filling out the roster

Discussion in 'Personnel moves' started by ovrush, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. ovrush

    ovrush Active Member

    Any thoughts? Based on our current roster I think we most likely need to look for a vet PG and a Vet wing. I hope we don't look for big name signings so the kids can play a ton. Just looking for high character mentor types who can contribute.

    PG - I think bringing back either of the two guys from last year would be good. It sounds like COllison wants to be back, and would embrace that mentor role.

    SF - I haven't looked too deeply. I've always been a Tony Snell fan. Not really an elder statesman, but he's been in the league a few years, is a defense first player, and supposedly a high character guy. He's an RFA, but with our cap space I might overpay slightly to bring him in.

    Any other thoughts?
  2. LA King Fan II

    LA King Fan II Active Member

    Seems like Snell and/or Porter are the only fits. I can't see staying with Lawson or Collison at this point.

    We sure have a lot of $ it seems with no realistic toys to buy.
  3. pdizo916

    pdizo916 Active Member

    No to snell. He's going to command 10 mil + and he's not a playmaker. I'm also leery on giving guys big contracts who they only showed up on their contract year.
  4. OPrime

    OPrime Member

    One vet I really like and haven't heard too much about other than Toronto and Phoenix possibly interested in bringing back is PJ Tucker. By all accounts great locker room guy and leader and can defend. Not sure what kind of deal he will command but I would offer him something in the 3 year/ $45 million range
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  5. Ozymandias

    Ozymandias Well-Known Member

    Gallinari or Otto Porter would be major hauls..

    Joe Ingles would be way better than many would probably expect, JaMychal Green and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope too.

    Patty Mills and Andre Iguodala seem like nice fits.

    If the price is right I like; Terrence Jones, Dion Waiters, Nikola Mirotic, Shaun Livingston, Kelly Olynyk, James Johnson, Tyreke Evans, Patrick Patterson and Jonathan Simmons, Alex Len, Darren Collison, Ty Lawson, Michael Beasley, Alan Williams, Montiejunas, Ben McLemore, Shelvin Mack, Luke Babbit, Mike Muscala, Troy Williams, Jodie Meeks, James Young, Jeff Withey, Christian Wood, Alex Poythress.

    From overseas there's also Teodosic, Vesely, Udoh and Edwin Jackson.

    Thats pretty much much my list, probably missing a few, will update when I figure it out.

    Also the doesn't include UDFA's I can tell you for sure that Cameron Oliver is my top choice from that pool, followed by Devin Robinson.
  6. upinsmoke

    upinsmoke Well-Known Member

    I like P. Beverley personally, selected late in the 2nd round and had to spend 4 years in Europe before making the team. He fits that Temple mold where if at time they stopped giving it all they had they would have been out of the league long ago so nothing is taken for granted.
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  7. ElRey

    ElRey Well-Known Member

    Resign one of Collison or Lawson to a short contract. Sign a veteran SF to a short contract. Get another high draft pick next year. Wait for next year to make a big free agent move.
  8. sidney

    sidney Well-Known Member

    I'd keep Collison on a 2 year deal structured similar to Afflalo's. We keep consistency, he gets paid a lot per year, and the Kings can get right back out of it or use as a trade asset next summer. He's not going to get signed as a starter anywhere so it's a chance for him to make starter money for a year or two.
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  9. Tetsujin

    Tetsujin The Game Thread Dude

    This is a pretty sparse year for small forwards (unless Durant suddenly decides he doesn't like Golden State and decides to leave) but, as I've stated lots of times before, Otto Porter could be a really good fit for this team going forward but you'd probably need to give him the max to pry him from the Wizards.

    Ingles would be another good piece to aim for and could be available if Utah has to pull out all the stops to sign Hayward. If you want a veteran defender to help fill out the wing depth chart, Thabo is out there and his team looks to have decided to rebuild.

    And, for a fun time, we can always call up Ron Ron, who claims he wants to play for three more years.
  10. sidney

    sidney Well-Known Member

    At SF, swing for the fences with Porter since he's young but Joe Ingles would be the more realistic target maybe on a 3 year deal. And since he's a non-max player and we have so much money, he's gettable. Seems like a 3&D workhorse that would start, play off the bench, or do whatever you ask of him. More of a Temple type of attitude. Jackson isn't ready to start and play 35min a night.
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  11. Kingsfan23

    Kingsfan23 Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking one of Collison/Lawson should be coming cheap, like no more than 5 a year. Lawson might be the better distributor for a young team, and his reputation should still hold his value down from other teams fortunately
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  12. funkykingston

    funkykingston Well-Known Member

    Ingles is restricted and says Utah is his first priority. The Kings would have to overpay and hope the Jazz don't match.

    Otto Porter is also restricted and I don't see Washington letting him go.

    Minnesota would probably let Muhammed go but I'm not sure he's a good fit or worth a big contract.

    Giving Iguodala his last big deal wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. He's a solid pro and a versatile player that would fit well.
  13. Gguod

    Gguod Member

    The most important thing for the Kings right now is to prepare for the future. They have their own 18 pick and no first in 19. First of all that means they need to make sure they get high enough pick in 18 so it is possible to start trying to be good in 19.

    Getting high enough pick in 18 means that they need to play their young players next season. By playing their young players they develope and will either will become better building blocks for 19 or increase their value as assets.

    So what the thing Kings need to do this offseason is try to take in bad contracts (or just normal contracts from teams trying to clear space) in exchange for assets. In free agency they need to be carefull. They simply cant sign any good players in or past their prime with big money. That would a) destroy their draft position and b)damage their flexibility. Only player I would offer big money is Porter but there is zero chanse it will happen.

    That leavs out free agents like Millsap, Lowry, Ibaka, George Hill ect. The Free Agent signings Kings should focuse on are players that will be assets after the signings, so preferably young players with upside. For example Porter for max, Shabazz Mohammed, Snell, Andre Robertson (for Pf who guards best perimeter player, needs a sf who can guard pfs), Jonathon Simmons, Jamychal Green ect. And the most important thing is not to overpay for any of them. You can offer the full 4 years but not pay over the market value for any of them because they are role players and overpayed role players will eat up the flexibility that is needed in 19 plus it requires you giving up assets to get rid of them.

    Most important thing is not to be stupid and offer player a like Millsap, PJ Tucker, JJ Redick ect big contracts. If you cant get any of those players I recomended above, it doesnt matter. Flexibility is more important than get some roleplayer to sign here with bad contract. We have enough young players to play so we dont neccesarily need anyone new, especially since we shouldnt win to many games next season. Best thing you could do is copy sixers and try to get player like Covington, McConnel for cheap and long contracts

    Ps. I dont think we should sign either Collison or Lawson. We are better off fully tanking and giving reps to Fox and Mason. For a third pg kings should sign some old vet to do a little mentoring if needed
  14. ESP47

    ESP47 Well-Known Member

    I think we will use Temple as our vet wing and resign either Collison or Lawson...most likely Collison.

    Probably need a stretch 4 as well. Releasing Tolliver was kind of a head scratcher. Wouldn't doubt it if they sign a Tolliver like player.
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  15. biltalent

    biltalent Well-Known Member

    Ah, I've been waiting for a thread like this. Its going to be really interesting. Just look at our roster as of today, assuming Afflalo gets cut and Bogdan gets signed for 8-10 million:

    PG: Fox Mason
    SG: Hield Temple Richardson
    SF: Jackson Bogdanovic
    PF: Skal Giles
    C: Koufos Wcs PapaG

    Its crazy. We have 12 guys, so we only have 3 roster spots left and these guys are only making about 45 million. That is because we have 9 guys that are still on the rookie scale. 9! 4 of them are rookies. 4 of them are in their second year. Bogdan has never played in the NBA. We need veterans really bad if we want to win anything next season.

    I think that is why we are not linked to taking bad contracts. Vlade plans on using his cap space to aquire guys that can play. Kings fans might expect the team to tank next year but I dont see this at all. Im pretty sure we are trying to win next season. Joerger is not tanking anyways and Vlade and Perry alreadys said as much in interviews.

    Doing the math, with the cap at 99 million, we have 54 million left to spend if we renounce all cap holds and dont offer Mclemore a QO. That's bananas. That's an average of 18 million per signing. Who are we going to give that money to?


    Brian Windhorst:
    "There are three or four teams out there that are willing to give a max level contract, and sources have told me that the Hawks have already begun getting some feelers on Paul Millsap sign and trades. Teams like the Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings, Denver Nuggets [are] interested in Paul Millsap


    I'm fully prepared for them offering Millsap the max as Plan A. We were after him last year and now Windhorst reporting we still want him. Kings fans might hate it, but I seriously doubt we're going to tank. Not saying its a good idea to give Millsap the max, but I feel we are offering that on the first day on free agency.

    The crazy thing? That still leaves us with ~25 million to spend. So you can still offer another max contract to Otto Porter. Or you keep Collisons cap hold, throw 12-15 million at Joe Ingles to pry him away from the Jazz (hint: Ingles is pretty good), and bring Collison back.

    Collison Fox Mason
    Hield Temple Richardson
    Ingles Bogdanovic Jackson
    Millsap Skal Giles
    Koufos Wcs PapaG

    I guess that is Vlades plan A: Having a competitve team while the young guys are developing in the background. However, I still dont see this team making the playoffs and I think Millsap rather goes to Denver. So whats the back up plan? Thats just speculating on my part, but I could see Jaymichael Green or Z-Bo getting a high offer from us.. Memphis probably matches one of those but not both. That might be in our best interest as the last two years of Millsaps deal are going to be ugly. And we're also not going to be as good, resulting in a higher draft pick before losing it in 2019.
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  16. roasthawg

    roasthawg Well-Known Member

    This is a tough one... I'd like to play all the kids but we have so much money to spend. A sf and backup pg is really all we need. Hmmmmm
  17. allrightythen

    allrightythen Well-Known Member

    I would like to see a vet PG and PF but I don't think we spend big on those positions. SF is where I think we spend for talent while the others will be paid as much for their personalities and work ethics as they are for their talent. The FA list at SF is pretty nice but I still think it's a tall order to get them here.
  18. sidney

    sidney Well-Known Member

    Yes...definitely some things have to play out. Utah has to figure out Hayward and their point guard situation before Ingles. Maybe there is an opening for Vlade. Porter we'd have to max and pray Washington let's him go which is unlikely.

    I don't want Iggy anymore.
  19. Telemachus

    Telemachus Well-Known Member

    Teams that play to lose generally keep losing even after they try to win.
  20. LPKingsFan

    LPKingsFan Well-Known Member

    Seems like PG, SF, and PF would be the targets in order to have a balanced roster. I'd like to keep an open spot to take on salary, so not sure I'd just want to go out and sign three guys. I'd rather not sign anyone to a deal longer than two or three years, unless they are under 25 (like Porter, but I'd expect the Wizards to match). I could see them re-signing one of Collison or Lawson (it's tempting to just hand the reins to Fox but I don't think you go into the year with only two rookies as your PGs) and going after one or more of Joerger's Memphis guys one a two-year, but high annual value deal, maybe Z-Bo (who could be a fun mentor to Giles and Skal if he's willing to accept that role) and/or Jeff Green.
  21. DesertFox

    DesertFox Well-Known Member

    NO max signings this year, please.

    Take bad contracts with future picks. This is the year to the play the kids and see who can do what. Temple is the perimeter vet, Koufos is the big bet. The bad contracts can fill the rest of the roster.

    Let isiah cousins and other udfa compete for the last spot(s).

    Go ahead and go all in the next year, but not this one. Trying to win now is a recipe for getting stuck in nowhere land.
  22. Gguod

    Gguod Member

    Philly has one of the brightest futures in the league and they have been the ultimate play to lose team so thats just false. And we wont play to lose per se. We just wont mortage our future by singing old vets to dumb deals and drafting again 5-12 range. Plus we have tons of young guys who to play and develope so why wouldnt we? Doing "win now" signings thiss off season is objectively speaking the stupidest possible thing Kings front office could do. Fans should understand that with little patience, future will be a lot brighter.
  23. Kingster

    Kingster Well-Known Member

    Even though I would love to get Porter, I really think the most important FA will be a point guard who is very brainy and can teach the youngins how the game should be played from all standpoints. PG in the NBA is a tough, tough position to play for a rookie and there really needs to be a special mentor for both Fox and Mason. I like the idea of either Beverly or Mills, but would be open to suggestions. Collison is the fallback. I don't particularly like Lawson for this role because of his past history.
  24. pdxKingsFan

    pdxKingsFan Well-Known Member

    They started this tank crap 5 seasons ago and have little to show for it (as far as actual on-court results). I don't think they were supposed to be a bottom 5 team 5 seasons straight, truth is that some of their top picks have not worked out according to plan and were bad selections compared to what was out there.

    Minnesota too.

    Kings have been awful for 10 years now but they threw everything away last season and finally embraced the full rebuild model. They may be one or two steps behind the above teams in the rebuild, but they should be adding a top 5 (3) pick in next year's draft where Philly and Minny better start winning tomorrow. And if Kings can start winning the following season, they'll have managed to do it without guys that have 4-5 losing seasons under their belts. It's a big ask, but I think it's a big part of the cultural shift Vlade talks about.
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  25. Noble

    Noble Active Member

  26. twslam07

    twslam07 Well-Known Member

    Fultz, McConnell, Stauskas, Anderson, Luwawu, Covington, Saric, Simmons, Okafor, & Embiid is very promising. Let's not pretend it isn't.
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  27. Noble

    Noble Active Member

    Bring back DC and sign Gallinari and just roll with that
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  28. pdxKingsFan

    pdxKingsFan Well-Known Member

    To be very clear, I did not say it isn't. What I said is that they better not be picking in the top 5 next season unless they win the lottery from a 10+ spot.

    20 win seasons are not acceptable from a team building/culture standpoint. They aren't acceptable for fan-bases. And frankly they aren't acceptable from the league offices which is why Hinkie was forced out of his job.

    Most of the kids drafted at the top of the lottery have never had a losing season in their life. They can survive 2 or 3 of those in a row max before they become perennial losers.
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  29. twslam07

    twslam07 Well-Known Member

    Not acceptable is subjective. I as a fan can say that it is not acceptable to have a vision that doesn't include winning a title. I don't think anyone can argue that this collection of assets doesn't have the potential to win a title one day and they have Hinkie to thank for that.
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  30. Gguod

    Gguod Member

    Phillys record was amazing when Embiid played (with minute restrictions). Philly has tons of caps space, top notch talent and very bright future. Kings have gotten nowhere because they have never been bad enough to get top draft picks plus they have drafted awfull.

    Cultural change has more to do about what kind of personell you have. Defensive first coach and hard working players. It doesnt make any difference culturally if the team wins 25 or 34 games. Only difference is some overpayed veteran is gettin the playing time instead of a young future player and Kings getting another 5-12 pick instead of top 4. And that is good example on how you mortage your future becaude you dont have patience. I understand its not nice to watch your favourite team to lose but it clearly is the righr thing to do. Develope young guys and remain flexibility. In 2019 you start winning games and have the assets needed to becoming a stable succesful franchise

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