Telemachus Prediction Game 2016-17: (Prediction-) Game Over!! See You in a New Thread Next Season

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  1. Ron

    Ron Well-Known Member

    Some more summary facts:


    Number of KF participants overall: 48

    Number of prediction posts: 1,145

    All 82 games - @Telemachus
    81 games - @Ron
    79 games - @VF21 (never missed
    ANY, since she got started in game 4)
    Average # of participants per night: 13.96


    • 15.3 per night before ASB & 'The Trade'
    • 9.6 per night after ASB & 'The Trade'
    Largest participation night: 24
    (The postponed game #19 on Jan.30, with "old" predictions counting)
    Largest "normal" participation night: 22 (game #2)

    Smallest participation: 6 (games #81)

    W/L predictions:

    W-predictions - 800 (69.9%. Such optimists we are...)

    L-predictions - 345

    Most W-predictions a night: 22!!
    (The postponed Sixers game, in which we lost!:rolleyes:)

    Most L-predictions a night: 14
    (Home game vs the Warriors, in which we won! :D)

    Highest % of W-predictions a night: 100%
    (6 times, 2 of which turned out to be Ls...:p)

    Highest % of L-predictions a night: 100%!
    (Game #77 vs T-Wolves, which we won... :D)

    Margin prediction:

    Note: @Spike's off-the-chart funny predictions, such as 333-0, were not counted in the calculations below... :) Sorry, @Spike.

    Average point margin in predictions: +1.4 (Yeah... optimists...)

    Largest average POSITIVE margin predicted in a game: +16.5
    (Game #56, LAL on the road. Won by 1...)
    and very close behind: +16.4
    (Game #28, DAL on the road. Lost by 20!!:()

    Largest average NEGATIVE margin predicted in a game: -17.0
    (Warriors at home, which we won!:D)

    Largest average POSITIVE miss in predicting the margin of a game: +24.7
    (1st post-trade DEN game.
    We predicted -8.7. We won by 16:D)​

    Largest average NEGATIVE miss in predicting the margin of a game: -36.4
    (Game 28 vs DAL.
    We predicted +16.4 & Lost by 20 :()​

    Most accurate average prediction of the margin in a game: Dead on target!
    * Game 11, road game vs POR.:
    Ave. prediction -1.9. Lost by 2!:cool:
    * Game 31, road game vs MIN.:
    Ave. prediction +3.9. Won by 4!:cool:
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  2. VF21

    VF21 #KingsFansForever Staff Member Contributor

    Ron - On behalf of the entire family, I'd like to thank you for starting this game and continuing it even after your guy was traded away. You're one of us now, you know, and we're glad you stuck around. :)

    Thanks again!
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  3. Telemachus

    Telemachus Well-Known Member

    I agree, Great job!
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  4. Ron

    Ron Well-Known Member

    It was fun. :D

    I may start a Playoff Prediction Game for KFs, here in this Fantasy area.
    (For all NBA Playoff games in all rounds, until the finals series)

    Would you be interested in that?
    (An all-NBA game, predicting game results and series results, w/o the Kings this season, I'm afraid... :oops:)
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