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Discussion in 'Kings Rap' started by New Era, Mar 15, 2017.

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    I was impressed with his poise in this game. In recent games I thought he looked a little lost or indecisive at times. Not only did he show that smooth touch and good footwork this game but he was within the offense and well-spaced and worked well with his teammates which has me very excited for his future. I have no doubts there will be tough games for him but I trust that he will work hard and trust that hard work and preparation during games.
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  3. M_Barragan

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    He's the real deal folks. This franchise needed this. Now let's go get BPA in this Draft.
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  4. Tetsujin

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    Not necessarily a good idea because the possible BPA at our range could wind up being Lauri, who is another big man.
  5. Dennis Smith has been falling like crazy the last two mocks. Most mocks have him going right in our range.
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    I'd take him but he's not my first choice his attitude needs to change

    Although I see Orlando taking him they can't move toward with Peyton starting, unless they take Issac or Tatum.

    I'd say where we'd be drafting best case is getting Issac/Fox. That's 2 very good defenders at important positions and we'd be huge with WCS/Skal/Issac.
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    Some players, like Tatum, Markkanen, Fox, etc. have gotten better as the season progressed. Smith has gotten worse, and that's why he's fallen. I don't think he's a particularly good fit on the Kings. He's a pretty ball dominate player, who has a questionable three point shot. If he's sitting there and I have to choose between Smith and Fox, I'm taking Fox, or Monk, or Markkanen. There are two types of fit. One is a need at a particular position. The other is a need of players that can, or are willing to play a certain style of basketball. Smith fits one, but not the other. At this point, I think getting players that fit the style of play that you want to play is more important than they fit the position you need.

    Having said all that, I do think Smith is going to be a good player in the league. He's too talented not to be. He just strikes me as one of those players that's not willing to work hard enough to get to that next level. Of course it's just my opinion and I've been wrong many times.
  8. No that's a great analysis. I'm personally not sold on either Smith or Fox. Based on what I've seen the guy I like is Frank Ntilikina from France. He's got a good feel for the game and is crazy athletic. But if it came down to it and our choice was between Lauri and Smith, I'd pray we'd go Smith.
  9. bajaden

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    I have watched a ton of film, some of it game film, on Ntilikina, and I've yet to see anything I don't like. Or at least anything that leaps out as a red flag. I wish I could have seen him play against some of his competition in the draft, but it is what it is. If he is as advertised, he's going to be a hell of a player. I can only assume that the Kings scouting staff has seen him play plenty of times. I can understand you have some reservations about Fox, but personally I don't. Of course I've probably seen him play more than any other PG in the draft (no offense to Ball or Fultz), and I think he's going to be a very good player, even if he struggles a little with his outside shot. But if he can become a good outside shooter, I'm predicting right now, your looking at a potential superstar.

    Someone criticized his passing. Most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. He's a terrific passer, and one of the best full court outlet passers I've ever seen. When you consider how fast he plays, and how few turnovers has, it's amazing. Another encouraging thing is that in his last six games he shooting 58% from the three. Granted, its a very tiny sampling, but none the less, it's nice to see.
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    It takes a lot more than that! Dashing good looks. Sharp, biting humor. Grace under pressure. Pipes better than James Earl Jones. Platinum-level MENSA membership.

    Keep working at it, maybe you can get there someday! :p
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    Here's a point in Skal's favor - he has me interested to watch the next Kings game despite yet another lottery bound season.
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    Well then, how about BPA but not including any BPA who is not a good fit for the Kings? :D
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    Ive had less time to watch the games recently but I still search for the skal and buddy highlights the morning after.
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    We should Draft BPA. Skal is the real deal but anything is possible. Regardless we need to walk out with a PG in this draft. I'm still undecided between Bridges and Isaac for the second pick. Could be an easy choice as Isaac could be gone before we pick.
  15. bajaden

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    Yeah, I think whom ever we choose has to fit the style of basketball the Kings are trying to play. I think the worse thing they could do would be to draft a ball dominate player. That's why I was concerned with Tatum earlier in the year. But as the year has gone on, he's shown the ability to share the ball, and play off the ball.
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    Tatum would be good as a potential go-to scorer.

    But I also really like the idea of Ntilinka and Isaac.

    Can you imagine what kind of defensive team Joerger could mold with:


    on the floor?

    They could switch everything and still not be left vulnerable to anything other than aggressive post up players. Which is why you have Papagiannis and ideally some big bodied vets at other positions.

    As frustrated as I was after the trade (and continue to be honestly) there is a possible path forward for the Kings that starts a real turnaround.

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