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Discussion in 'Kings Rap' started by New Era, Mar 15, 2017.

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    Chriss has documented anger issues. It's part of his problem with fouling so often and leads to the really poor body language.

    I advocated for Chriss and Labissiere was one of my least favorite prospects but I'm really happy to be wrong. I think we have the better rookie
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    I'll let you draw your own conclusions.
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    This echoes something I stated recently. The kid wasn't the #1 or #2 rated player in the country for no reason. He has a ton of talent. Let's just hope that he doesn't end up like many others before him.

    Tonight was simply a step in the process. Hopefully he continues to take more and more steps to a point where were not hoping anymore. When you draft a player, you're hoping they have a ceiling as high as Skal's.
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    It's also worth noting that the Kings traded away their best player (and the focus of the offense) and their rotation now includes the four players from the trade (one of whom is a rookie) and two Kings rookies who had only played a few minutes of garbage time previously.

    Point being, this team is very, very raw and needs time to grow together. I think this roster is actually better than the Suns but their sloppiness and inexperience made for a closer game.
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    Don't do that
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    My point was that this has been a perfectly good thread celebrating the emergence of Skal. Bringing Cousins into the discussion didn't seem to be necessary IMHO. Rubbing salt into wounds?

    Anyway, I'll just keep being happy with what I saw tonight from this young kid whose future looks so incredibly bright. :)
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    Fair points. But I also think it very likely that a couple of those players currently in the rotation won't be part of the future. Only Buddy Hield is a virtual lock. But Tyreke isn't likely to be around long and who knows about Galloway??

    Also, isn't it 3 and not 4? They landed Buddy, Tyreke, Galloway and a draft pick that isn't on the team yet.
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    You're right that it is three players and not four.

    But the fact that Evans and Galloway aren't part of the future doesn't really matter. McLemore isn't part of the future. And likely neither is Afflalo and/or Lawson and Collison. But they are here now and forced to figure out how to play together.

    My only point is that regardless of how the rosters will look next year, if this Kings roster had the time together and the stability that the Suns have had, they'd be a significantly better team.

    Tonight they were the better team anyway.
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    Not to be underestimated: most GMs inheriting a bad team like to replace the roster with their hand-picked guys. Willie, Skal, PapaG, Malachi, Bogdan, and Buddy are all Vlade pickups as are the vets Koufos, Afflalo, Temple, and Tolliver. Cousins was not. Only Collison, Gay, and McLemore remain from the team Vlade inherited and I think we can safely say that at least 2 of those guys will be gone within the next year too. Geoff Petrie and Pete D'Alessandro both went through similar periods of cleaning house when they got the job. You can already see a new team identity forming around the group Vlade brought in -- humble hard-working guys who like to move the ball around and play for each other. It's a different look than we saw with Geoff's post-Webber/Vlade collection of shooters or Pete's iso-heavy Rudy and DeMarcus duo. It will take time to let this play out, but we need some stability around here to actually let players develop at their own pace so Vlade/Dave need to remain the braintrust for the forseeable future and we need to give them a chance to develop their team. We got spoiled by the Coach Adelman era -- it's far more typical for teams to slowly build their way into success than to fall into it overnight like that.
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    Skal, just don't declare your Love for Sacramento and don't tell anybody publicly that you want to be a King!!! ;)

    We all know what the Kings do to their players that do that!!! :rolleyes:
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    I agree with you.
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    They may want to consider keeping Galloway as a cheaper backup option.....right type of Vlade guy, earned his way through D League, can play some D, can knock down the 3
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    I believe Galloway has a player option so it's really up to him I guess.
  20. funkykingston

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    From Jason Jones' Bee article about this last game:

    This tidbit on Trill was also interesting:

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  23. Tetsujin

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    31, actually.

    Reke and Boogie both hit the 30 pt plateau at a younger age than Skal did, in case anyone was wondering (It was probably only me).
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    In terms of the number of games - Tyreke hit 30 in his 18th game, Skal in his 19th and Boogie in his 80th.

    Reke had the benefit of starting from the beginning and playing 37 mpg his rookie year though.
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    Crazy stat... I had no idea!! We found the diamond(s?) in the rough in the most recent draft...

    ESPN Stats and Information
    In the Kings' victory over the Suns on Wednesday, Skal Labissiere became the first rookie to produce at least 30 points and 10 rebounds off the bench in a regulation win since Mike Gminski reached those totals for the Nets on Nov. 8, 1980. (via Elias Sports Bureau)

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    Not sure about the need to talk down about Chriss. He didn't even take a lot of shots... it's just that each time he missed, Grant pointed it out(probably to make Chriss look worse).
    Chriss finished the game with 17pts 7rebs 5blks 2stls 2asts on 6-14 FG..which is more than good for a rookie.
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    Yeah but Grant can't fantasize about him with an NBA body like he does with Skal.
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    So a few years ago we had a conversation on this board about guys in the NBA who could come from one direction, get a block, turn around, and get the rebound. As many on this board said, it is very rare when you see that from an NBA player. It takes both lateral quickness and jumping quickness. Skal had one of those plays in last night's game. Got the block from one direction and had the balance and quick jumping ability to get back in the play to get the rebound. You just don't see that kind of athletic ability every day, folks. He's a special player.
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    Alright it's time for skal to be a full time 30 min a game starter now
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    Is he making a late push for ROY?:D

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