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    Rudy Gay
    Hgt: 6'8"
    Wgt: 230
    Age: 27
    Number: 8
    Nickname: N/A
    College: Connecticut
    Yrs with Team: 0
    Yrs in League: 8
    Previous Teams: Memphis ('06-'12); Toronto ('12-'13)
    How Acquired: trade for John Salmons, Chuck Hayes, Patrick Patterson, Greivis Vasquez, Dec '13
    Contract: 2013-14 $17.9mil; 2014-15 $19.3mil (player option)
    Strengths: smooth and versatile offensive player, good rebounder, fills all corners of stat sheet
    Weaknesses: declining efficiency, overusage, questions of selfishness

    Offense (Scoring & Passing)
    One of the most versatile offensive players in the game, can score from literally anyplace on the floor but lacks a calling card or goto move. More smooth and complete than dominant in any one aspect. Core of his game is the midrange jumpshot, but also has a good post game for a SF, three point range (although not prolific from out there), and ability off the dribble, where he often pulls up rather than getting all the way to the rim. Has been a very good athlete able to easily finish over the rim, but gained some weight in the offseason to try to play more smallball PF, and has looked sluggish and inefficient around the rim this year. Can create his own shot, but has a reputation as a ballstopper where too often he will catch, take 4 or 5 dribbles trying to set his man up, and end up taking a low percentage contested midrange jumpshot anyway. Capable of hitting tough contested shots, and can be a dangerous player in the clutch. Had a ridiculously high usage rate for Toronto this year, and his shooting percentages have plummeted along with it in the last year. Is a capable passer when he chooses to move the ball, but its been an open question how willing he is to do that.

    Defense & Rebounding
    Has the tools to be a good SF defender when he wants to be, and years of experience in a strong defensive system in Memphis. Racks up a lot of defensive stats, gets his hands on balls, is long and a very good shotblocker for a SF. But overall defensive focus has never consistently been there, and this end has seemed to get sacrificed for scoring on the other side of the ball. Good SF rebounder that was actually leading the Raptors in rebounding at the time of the trade.

    On talent alone, Gay returns to the Western Conference to resume his role as a poor man's Durant, and as the second most talented SF in the conference. Reputation has plummeted in the last year however. Efficiency has fallen way off, the claims of selfishness that have dogged him have become the dominant narrative, and this year he hasn't even looked as athletic as in years past. He definitely was a player in need of a new start, and certainly has all the talent necessary to make it a successful one, but will have to prove he's willing to become a team player and accept second fiddle status to Cousins.

    Stats 13-14: 35.5min 19.4pts (.388 FG% .373 3pt% .773 FT%) 7.4reb 2.2ast 1.6stl 1.3blk 3.3TO
    Stats Career: 36.1min 18.0pts (.447 FG% .344 3pt% .777 FT%) 5.9reb 2.1ast 1.4stl 0.9blk 2.4TO profile
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