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Discussion in 'Kings Rap' started by CelticsFan, Apr 21, 2017.

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    Looks like a good hire. Welcome aboard!
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    These hiring s and rumored " talk to's" recently have caused me to read through an awful lot of negative comments , observations, etc. all of which after these moves were just miscellaneous and meaningless noise in the wind. When will we ever learn?
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    Why do I need to do homework when I have all you nice folks on here telling me all about him? He has been in the Magic front office the last 5 seasons so that's not saying much really but that doesn't necessarily mean I will peg him as a dead weight hire. With everything, I give it a chance before I flame it.
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    Kings gain needed front-office experience with hiring of Scott Perry
    By Jason Jones

    Read more here:
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    A big THANK YOU to you, @VF21, for taking the time to post all these links to articles. :)
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    Thank you VF21 for linking
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    Thanks for sharing. I can recommend this to every Kings fan if you want to see where things are going with the Kings. Build a winning culture based on hardwork. No tanking. Young guys learning from competing against vets. No own agendas, but team players that sacrifice for the team.
    Its almost as this were his job interview for Vlade/Joerger. They are preaching the exact same thing.
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    Damn! I'm excited! Scott Perry is a Motor City Mad Man! When he was talking about building the Pistons with Joe Dumars he said:

    "We said, Kobe and Shaq are not walking thru that door."

    "We assembled 10 very good players and got 2 deep at every position."

    "Our bench outplayed most NBA benches."

    Very impressive interview.
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    By the way that interview is the first work I have seen Ric Bucher do in a while that I was impressed by.
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    I haven't watched to whole thing yet ........................ but I liked or should say loved was his statement that the Detroit owner hired basketball people and let THEM run the show. I think that is huge. I have been a huge critic of Vivek but maybe, just maybe he's finally getting it. I know he's stayed out of the limelight but there still have been whispers in the wind about his continued meddling. With a strong front office maybe those whispers can be put to rest.
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    True. But to be fair, almost every executive, player or owner is basically preaching the same thing. In draft day interviews "It's all about winning and leadership man....", when traded "I just want to win and lead by example....", "I do whatever necessary", "I'm a team first guy", "Hard work trumps talent, when...." and so on and on. Fact is the Spurs and the Grizzlies are the two franchises and player bases, where I have the feeling, that they don't preach but live those things. And that's what important. Words are cheap.
    It's gotten to a point, where I personally think it's amusing to listen to interviews with people involved in the NBA, because it's so predictable. Wether it's the 18 year old rookie or the 50 year old executive they all use the same phrases and point to the same things. I said it before - when all the guys claiming to be the first in the gym, would truly try to live that, the gym would need to be open all night. :rolleyes:

    Not saying those things aren't important though or that it's bad to try to step into the footsteps of the Spurs or Grizzlies. But it's a lot more difficult to actually live that, than it is to talk about it and from the outside looking in the list of NBA champions includes a whole lot of primadonnas.
    I think the actual nuances of building a winning team, would be a lot more interesting than this. Sadly Scott pretty much dodged the question about the Magic, pointing to missing luck when drafting players and how he would have done a few things differently than Hennigan.
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    Well to be fair there is a lot more riding on player success than just their talent. It's one thing for someone to be good at evaluating talent and making the pick but then it is up to the development program to get the best out of them.

    I look at Orlando and I see a lot of unfulfilled talent. I think their development program needs a lot of work. Gordon could be an All-Star, Oladipo could have been one of the best two way players in the league. Payton could have been a prime Rondo.

    For all the crap that the Kings pull, I think this season, one thing they have done REALLY well is develop their youngsters. Sometimes in drafts you need a bit of luck as well as some knowledge.
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    It looks like Vlade will still be the unequivocal lead guy.. I was highly alarmed by the report that he tried to trade Cousins for Vucevic/Fournier. That would've made the Hield/protected Pelicans pick look like a gold mine. Vucevic/Fournier might not even be positive value together, and wouldn't fit any rebuild notion... I really hope that was reported incorrectly
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    Orlando was the one Blazers game I went to this year. Gordon killed it, and the other guys you mentioned showed flashes of why they were so highly regarded. They beat the Blazers that night in a game that was super fun to watch.

    They are a team that could be the right one piece from putting everything together.
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    It's just hard to know about this guy. Was he the guy in the draft room screaming that Orlando should take the Greek Freek, or Gobert, or Otto Porter, or McCollum, or Schroder, or was he the guy that was all-in on Oladipo? You'd really have to tease out what his thinking was on all the drafts he was involved with and what his position was on the players that were drafted, not the organization's as a whole. I was hoping in the article below that I would hear a little more than that Orlando's failure was just being unlucky in not being able to draft a consensus superstar. If being able to draft the consensus superstar was the be-all-end-all then there wouldn't be that much separating one GM from another other than sheer luck, so this explanation seems weak to me, but maybe it's a diplomatic way to skirt around his disagreements with those above him in the organization.

    A couple of things that he does give the Kings organization, without doubt, is his ability to give insight into the Orlando war room, which currently sits at the #5 ping pong ball slot. Also, he may give some insight on Hezonja's status within the organization, whether Orlando would be amenable to trade him, whether he would want to trade for him, and if so, for what price.
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    More on Scott Perry:
    Informative article by everyone's favorite journalist.

    "About that small world? Follow the thread if you dare: Divac’s friend, Igor Kokoskov, spent years as a Pistons assistant when Serbian reserve Zeljko Rebraca was on the roster. Divac’s former Charlotte Hornets teammate, Armstrong, the close friend of Perry, refers to Vlade as one of his favorite people. Zeljko Obradovic, a former teammate and coach of several Serbian national teams anchored by the 7-foot Divac, currently coaches Bogdanovic in Turkey."
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    Listened to the Scott Perry interview last night. It is 45 minutes long. Woj and Scott have a nice discussion about Scott's career up until this point. Topics include: Scott's Dad and his influence, His Detroit Bad Boys days, the importance of all the personalities in an organization meshing and more. For a Basketball Geek such as myself it was a very enjoyable listen:) Thanks upinsmoke for posting the link.
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