Rudy Gay Plans To Opt Out (ESPN)

Discussion in 'Kings Rap' started by Capt. Factorial, May 8, 2017.

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    Well, not sure whose fault it was, but I don't think the Bellineli signing worked out very well, and I think Afflalo played fairly well, but I don't think he was a great fit. I think when you see what we got out of Rondo, and then Lawson, and the money we paid them, he looks like a genius.
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    potential future borderline all-star? That's a massive burden you put onto Malachi with those expectations. When it's all said and done, we are looking at a very young man, who played 22 games, shot 28% from 3 and 41% overall, scoring 3.6 PPG and who played with maximum effort in the limited minutes he was given.
    That's his contribution so far in terms of results. Nothing there screams future all-star.

    Now I know - stats aren't everything and Malachi showed some nice jab steps and escape dribbles and played with effort on D, but I will say one thing - you give an NBA level talent a certain amount of opportunity to show his skills and encourage him not to be a mere bystander on the court, who only plays a certain role and you will always see flashes of skill with every NBA level player. All those guys are extremely talented basketball players. That's doesn't mean all of them are going to be all-stars.

    Why not take the wait and see approach with the young guys? Why put steep expectations on them, only to try to paint the body of work of Vlade Divac in a positive way?
    To me it's more reasonable to wait what happens, when teams actually start gameplanning for our young guns. The moment, when players begin to draw double teams and the way they handle that, is usually the moment, when I make my mind about things like all-star potential. And most young players never get to that point.
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    Excactly. The one thing I never understand, is why people think Rudy is a great guy to have around. It must be, because he is well spoken and charismatic in interviews. Other than that, I pretty much have no idea.

    When the narrative of DMC as bad teammate was formed, an incident that was brought up to prove it, was the prank he pulled on Stauskas. That together with a reported incident in a plane also involving Stauskas was used to badmouth DMC. Guess who was part of the prank? Role model teammate Rudy Gay...

    It was DMC showing up at Summerleague to support the rookies. It was DMC getting in touch with Joerger right after his introductional press conference. It's DMC encouraging the young guys even after the team has traded him. It's DMC who Stauskas thanked for his help and advice after getting traded. But somehow this guy is the reason of the bad culture of the Kings, while Rudy Gay is a guy, who we should keep around.

    It feels some people confuse good teammate and good culture with their desire for political correctness. Rudy Gay is a smart business man and knows how to promote himself.
    At best Rudy is a neutral influence, when it comes to team culture and leadership.
    The one veteran guy, who should be pretty much untouchable is Temple, who was mentioned by every rookie as the biggest influence and help for them. To a lesser degree Tolliver and Koufos are also important for the same reasons.
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    Malachi showed more than you give him credit for, but I agree with your main point about keeping expectations in check for the youngsters and taking a bit of a wait and see approach. That's prudent.
  5. kingsfan101

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    Couldn't agree more. Too soon, and too little evidence to be making these kind of projections. Honestly, given our glut of SGs, likelihood of Buddy being the first option at that spot, and need to spend some money to get to the minimum, I wouldn't be surprised if he's not even on the roster soon.

    Before people jump on me, I'm not advocating it. Just suggesting that if Bogdan comes over, we'll have Buddy, Bogdan, and GT, all playing that position, not to mention, Galloway (and possibly, even Ben, if we retain him with a qualifying offer in the hope of getting something useful for him later). Where exactly will the minutes come from? We'll probably be active in the trade market, hoping to fill the bigger holes at PG and SF (even if we draft there, you have to provide kids with some mentors and buffer). Trading some of our glut of SGs will obviously be something we'll be forced to think, whether we like it or not.

    Finally, to give some perspective, Reke ended his rookie season with 20/5/5, way above Malachi's numbers. While his career has been impacted by injuries, so it's not a fair comparison, but he could probably be classified as a borderline all star, and even that would be stretching things. Malachi has to prove a lot before being projected thus.
  6. jcassio

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    Temple can play SF just as well as SG. He may only be 6'6, but he's an honest 6'6 and he's long. There aren't many SFs who will have an advantage over him as a defender. He's not a long-term solution at that spot, but he should have it locked down until one of this year's rookies is ready to make his move. Hopefully.
    Ben did improve in the second half of the season (finally!), so I wouldn't be disappointed to see him come back. But I'm also not hoping for it. As you say, we've got a glut at the SG position, even if we slot Temple in as our SF. Perhaps Malachi or Bogdan can give us some quality minutes at SF, if they're not overwhelmed by power or length. One can hope, right? Because there's just too much potential between Buddy, Malachi and Bogdan to have them all fighting over SG minutes.

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