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  1. itzcoatl

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    DAs craft plea bargains all the time. It's basically what keeps our entire criminal justice system functioning. Otherwise, defendants would have no incentive to plead guilty and every case would have to go to trial. The DA does not have the resources or manpower to take every case to trial. Moreover, our underfunded courts could in no way shape or form handle that kind of load.
  2. VF21

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    As I said above, I think the charges filed against Randolph already represent some kind of deal making. I do not think he'll get them reduced much further. But we shall see what we shall see...
  3. jcassio

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    I agree, it does appear that he's capable of incredible stupidity (presumption of innocence aside).
    The resisting arrest charge may be based on nothing more than he went into someone's apartment to evade the officers who were pursuing him. Or he may have physically resisted the officer who was arresting him. For example, if he were ordered at gunpoint to drop to the ground and he didn't immediately comply, that could be seen by the officers as resisting arrest. Or he could have actually scuffled with one or more officers. But if it were the first one (ducking into someone's apt to evade the officers), I can imagine them dropping that charge if he agreed to plead guilty to the misdemeanor possession charge.
    Yes, the NBA could choose to make a big deal out of this (above and beyond the actual crime charges) and punish Randolph to the fullest extent possible. But that just doesn't seem likely in today's world.
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    Seems if we stopped wasting police/courts/system time and cash with people minding their own business over the use of a substance less harmful than alcohol, in addition to tax revenue, might be a good idea.

    The real evil drug out there is Meth. Destroys people ao quickly and there is enourmous crime related to it. Give people better healthier options to "escape" and might have a lot less people gettimg addicted to Meth
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    Regardless it's still embarrassing and a poor showing of good faith to his new employer. One thing to have some THC show up in a UA but to have 2 pounds! What the hell is he thinking?
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  6. HndsmCelt

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    Zach is not really a "thinking type guy"
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    I'm not convinced the LA District Attorney's office is going to do much further bargaining, as I think the two misdemeanors represent some kind of compromise deal already. As far as the NBA goes, I think the quantity of pot he had just might be a factor in how big a deal they make. It's interesting to ponder and I guess we'll all find out eventually. I just hate that it's even something we have to be worrying about. There's so much positive energy flowing around the team right now that this crap simply isn't wanted/needed. And it certainly takes the air out of those who cheered Zach's signing and used the "he's learned his lessons and isn't the problem of the past" rationale. It seems obvious at this point he hasn't gotten any smarter. :(
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    Pick a winner:



  9. Kingster

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    I'd just like to hear once and for all from Divac what his position is on drug/alcohol infractions when it comes to his team. It seems that his prior comments on "character" are wholly contradictory to his actions. Is Randolph really the role model that you want for this team? Or not?

    Can we please have ONE freaking season where we don't have to hear about spouse abuse, DWI, a drug offense, or any other illegality? Is that really too much to ask?
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  10. pshn80

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    Be of better cheer. The matter is water over the bridge now. All that is left is the NBA action and anything the Kings might want to do. It seems Zbo will continue a King. I think he can be a contributor and a good mentor for the young nes. His mistake in this is done and obvious to all including the young guys. IMO the effects won't linger and I'm still upbeat on the whole Kings thing.
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  11. VF21

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    I will simply say that I pretty much disagree with every single point you've raised, with the possible exception of still being upbeat about the Kings.
  12. VF21

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    I think it's too soon to expect Vlade to say anything. I do, however, agree completely with your second paragraph.
  13. The Hammer

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    I wanted to stay mad but your elder advice had convinced me otherWISE. Let's let it go and hopefully Zbo can now use this to grow. I'm not about holding grudges. If it was a felony however... would have been a different story.

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