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  1. Spike

    Spike Well-Known Member

    What goes up, must come down? On to the rankings!

    #19 (-1)
    The Kings remain the league's worst team in the first six minutes of games and were down seven after the first six minutes against the Heat on Wednesday. But they've generally been better in the first quarter recently. Still they're looking good for an 11th straight season in the bottom 10 in defensive efficiency, having allowed 115 points per 100 possessions as they've lost five of their last six games. They're still in a virtual tie for eighth in the West, but might regret getting swept in their season series to Miami, especially with the stretch they have coming up. After Tuesday's game against Detroit, they play 13 of their next 16 games against teams currently over .500.

    Sports Illustrated
    #21 (+1)
    Not to over-harp on scheduling, but it’s totally possible Sacramento is dead in the water by the end of this month if they aren’t careful: they get Detroit, Cleveland, Oklahoma City and Indiana before closing the month on an eight-game road trip out east. They’ve just lost three straight. This is going to pose a huge challenge.

    #20 (-3)
    The Kings' hold on the eighth seed in the West didn't last long at all. An indefensible home loss to the injury-ravaged Heat, followed by two more home L's -- to the Clippers in Paul's return and one of the fall-from-ahead variety to the Warriors in Golden State's first game following its Memphis debacle -- puts them at a worrisome 0-3 in the midst of a crucial seven-game run at the new Golden 1 Center that, remember, will be followed by a merciless eight-game road trip from Jan. 20-31. You can't help but wonder where Sacramento will be in the standings at month's end with Cleveland and Oklahoma City still to come on this homestand before they even start traveling.

    NBC Sports
    #20 (+1)
    They have started off 0-3 at home on a seven-game homestead that is key if this team is serious about making the playoffs (when it ends they head out on the road for eight straight). As an aside, the Kings interest in a Paul Milsap trade has one major flaw — he’s a free agent this summer? Do the Kings really think they can re-sign him?

    CBS Sports
    #23 (-4)
    Two weeks ago: "Here come the Kings!" Two weeks later: "And there they go again."

    Mean Ranking: 20.6
  2. Bricklayer

    Bricklayer Don't Make Me Use The Bat Staff Member Contributor

    about right. They are actually holding onto more hope than I would have thoguht. Funny how even a brief stretch of respectability lingers in people's minds.

    We do have to find a way to survive this month though. That's all correct. if we're 3 back of #8 on Feb 1 our schedule is perfect to make up that ground. If we are 6 back we have to suddenly get good. Maybe if Atlanta would jsut give up fuicking Milsap already. Him making noises he wants to stay might be slowing their hand, but if their are angling for a rebuild, maybe they'll do it anyway.
  3. CelticsFan

    CelticsFan Active Member

    I just started to follow @NBA_Math on twitter. Don't know where I should have posted this but though it was interesting


    Clutch here is defined, per NBA.com, as the last five minutes of games featuring a margin of no more than five points.


    Good visuals and good info, thought I would share
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  4. Glenn

    Glenn Well-Known Member Contributor

    I admire people who go to this effort. It makes the huge nerd side of me wiggle with joy.

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