Otto Porter Max contract offer now moot

Discussion in 'Personnel moves' started by Section 101, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. PurpleHaze

    PurpleHaze Well-Known Member

    or this... verses... Sacramento_Skyline_Dusk.jpg

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  2. King Baller

    King Baller Well-Known Member

    Why the Nets? Probably as simple as 106 million is more than almost 100 million.
  3. VF21

    VF21 #KingsFansForever Staff Member Contributor

    Bull. It is not a bad look for Sacramento. You're jumping straight off assumption cliff into conclusion pond. You have NO factual information to suspect that Vlsade/Vivek did anything wrong.
  4. VF21

    VF21 #KingsFansForever Staff Member Contributor

    It's not a done deal to Brooklyn yet. If the Wizards match, which they've said they will, Porter remains in Washington.
  5. Kingsfan23

    Kingsfan23 Well-Known Member

    No, they did everything right. Even Vivek traveled across the country. The red carpet was rolled out..
  6. pdizo916

    pdizo916 Active Member

    oh well. The kings can address the issue next year's draft.
  7. Čarolija

    Čarolija Well-Known Member

    Which is not a bad thing.
  8. Capt. Factorial

    Capt. Factorial Cantry Member Staff Member Contributor

    Well, it's moot now, but we couldn't have done that. We don't have a full MLE this year, because you only have a full MLE when you stay above the cap. We went below the cap to sign, well, all of these guys so the most we will have is the room exception, if we spend up to the cap.
  9. ockingsfan

    ockingsfan Well-Known Member

    Look at the bright side. This will tie up the nets salary cap for the next 4 days, while the kings were able to spend their cap space.

    I think it came down to location for Porter. He played at Georgetown, so I assume he is from the east coast.

    I also assume the wizards will match, but if they don't, Porter is going to be on a terrible team, for the next 4 years!
  10. pdizo916

    pdizo916 Active Member

    i would feel comfortable with the roster as-is and maybe add a piece via salary dump later on.
  11. Jimbob

    Jimbob Well-Known Member

    I feel comfortable with the roster as is and am hoping JaKarr Sampson rocks summer league giving us another promising option at SF.
    I don't really know Sampson game but understand he has good size/length for a SF and is know as a savvy rebounder.
  12. Suicide King

    Suicide King Well-Known Member

    The Brooklyn Nets are not a dumpster fire due to anything current GM Sean Marks or head coach Kenny Atkinson have done. Since those two were hired, the Nets have been slowly doing their best to dig that franchise out of the impact crater left by Billy King.

    Considering Kings fans can relate to the difficulty of shedding a negative stigma caused by past front office executives, it is unfair to perpetuate the one for the Nets.
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  13. KingsFanSince85

    KingsFanSince85 Well-Known Member

    Not everyone prefers the bottom city. I sure don't. I'd never choose to live there. East coast sucks. Anywhere in CA is better.
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  14. The Hammer

    The Hammer Well-Known Member

    Oh just stop.
  15. Sac.1989

    Sac.1989 Well-Known Member

    yeah some people are just short a few braincells.

    This is totally a NY thing. Lifestyle over substance.

    Kids not a winner. If he wanted to win he'd be here.

    I just got back from Brooklyn. Its aint anything spectacular.
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  16. New Era

    New Era Well-Known Member

    I don't think we can really say he'd be a winner if would have chosen us over Brooklyn. I mean, we've been a complete mess of a franchise outside the golden years with Vlade, Webber, etc.
  17. ockingsfan

    ockingsfan Well-Known Member

    The wizards matched the nets offer to Porter. Now the nets salary cap space will be locked up for up to 4 more days while porter reports for physical and everything is cleared with the NBA front offices.

    Looks like we dodged a bullet when Porter chose the Nets max offer over ours! ;)
  18. roasthawg

    roasthawg Well-Known Member

    Are we sure he chose the nets over us? It seems the most likely scenario but there is another scenario where we rescinded ours because zbo and Hill agreed to terms.

    Not that it matters.
  19. Capt. Factorial

    Capt. Factorial Cantry Member Staff Member Contributor

    Actually, that seems unlikely to me. We still could have given out the Hill contract (which I think was the time-crucial one) with the offer to Porter signed. We'd have had to wait on Z-Bo, but I simply cannot imagine that we would pull an offer to Porter that he might have signed in order to lock up the aging Randolph. I really don't imagine anybody else had a similar offer out there for Randolph anyway. I suspect Randolph would have waited.
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  20. RussoTuristo

    RussoTuristo Active Member

    Come on :). I lived in Brooklyn for some time. It is a great and fun place - very hipsterish now but that's what millennials usually like. It might not be as touristy as Manhattan but I personally liked that part.
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  21. pdizo916

    pdizo916 Active Member

    Wiz matched the offer, which comes to no surprise.
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  22. allrightythen

    allrightythen Well-Known Member

    After reading up on Brooklyn's offer I'm not surprised that he signed it. Obviously the money was that max but the payment structure was definitely to his benefit. I think he wanted to stay in Washington but the Wizards wanted to explore their options. In the end he gets the best deal he could find and stays in DC.
  23. Hoovtrain

    Hoovtrain Well-Known Member

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