Otto Porter Max contract offer now moot

Discussion in 'Personnel moves' started by Section 101, Jul 2, 2017.

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    If he signs our offer and Washington matches, that's it. He can't even be traded to the Kings for a year. If he really wants to go to a different team, he needs to go back and tell the Wizards to do the S&T.

    At which point they are a bit handcuffed, or I believe he can sign a one year deal and be unrestricted next year.
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    I have never really understood the why or how of sign and trades.

    It's either match or don't.

    My gut tells me we are destination #1 if they don't match. The Kings have a chance at becoming something. Nets/Knicks... why would you want to tie your career to those organizations.

    I feel people underestimate the value of Vlade really cleaning up the front office culture. The whole organization top to bottom is much healthier and contracts for max players these days are really about aligning two businesses. You'd rather just not get into business with a business in turmoil (Knicks).
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    I don't know. I think this is way too much to give, and for what? We aren't making the playoffs this year, or even next. We have to see how some of the kids develop. As for Porter, we haven't seen him in action as the main guy. Will he be as good without two all stars sharing the floor with him?

    Look at what Bulls got for Butler, or Pacers for George. Yes, there were some constraints, particularly in George's case, but both are established stars in the league. Porter is not in that category, at least not yet. Plus, the Wiz have problems of their own. If they retain Porter, they almost certainly lose Bojan. Even now, they are at best the third team in the East, and face competition from Raptors for that. Once they are capped out, they are stuck where they are. If Philly does make a jump, this year or next, they will lose that position too.

    It can be argued that Both Jackson and Papa haven't proven anything yet, and trading them to get an established player is worth the trouble. Possible. However, trade value of stars seem to be lower than we think. We ourselves didn't get value in Boogie's trade. It's possible that either of them (or hopefully both), show big improvements, and play on rookie contracts for few more years.

    It's quite likely that some teams that have signed the rich contracts now, will be willing to move these, or some other piece to get under the tax. We will be one of the few teams with cap space, and we can hopefully use it to our profit. I know we have been hoping for this, and have not seen the results yet. That said, the high amounts being offered, and the level of competition (particularly in the West) will force teams to evaluate their salaries and taxes wrt to their making a deep playoff run, or even make the playoffs at all. There will be trades available by the deadline. I feel there is no need to be desperate and give up too much for Porter. If he accepts our offer, and Wizards refuse to match, great. Else, we sign some other vet to provide help at 3, and wait to see what deals are available. This year is all about development anyway.
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    I think it is mostly born from goodwill by the outgoing player or his agent so as not to leave a team you were a part of with nothing. I.e. Chris Paul
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    I would sure like to see another year out of Papagiannis before I send him anywhere. At the end of last year I saw him get chippy a bit, set some hard picks... and I've seen footage of him looking quite a bit leaner since last season ended.

    Bricklayer used to always say something like "either you have that nastiness or you don't - you don't pick it up". But maybe he is wrong... maybe Paps WILL pick it up. And if he does, then he's not a piece I want to ship off.

    I'd rather send Malachi, but would even kinda flinch at that. I feel greedy like I want to give every one of them a chance to develop.

    So maybe Jackson, thats it. SF rookie who might some day be as good as Porter, for Porter. Fair enough.
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    I wouldn't give the diddly squat. I would give them a second round pick but that's it.
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    I think I prefer letting the chips fall where they may with our offer we have already tendered. Hate to trade any of our young guys.
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    If so, it still strikes me as an anomaly within cutthroat NBA agent culture. You'd think you'd prioritize the team you are going to to retain the assets.

    I think sometimes maybe it can be done to clear cap space. However that is not an issue with us :D
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    In some instances, the team may not have the cap space to sign a player outright, but the player is adamant about going there. Chris Paul again comes to mind. Not sure the Rockets had the room. They may have.
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    You think Sacramento finishes above the Pelicans?
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    As currently constructed (even with Porter)?! NOT IN A MILLION YEARS!

    People are drinking some major cool aid around here. By january at the latest, many will be on suicide watch!
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    While we may surprise on any given night, the West just added more all stars and we are a very young team.

    I am pulling for us to shock the league (always) , but it's ok if we don't as long as we get better as a young team. Soon is better than never.
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    I agree. Teams as young as these Kings don't win a lot in the NBA. We might be bottom 5 next year.

    But I think Joerger will have these kids playing hard every night. I'm thinking we're in for an oddly enjoyable 30ish win season.
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    With Gallinari and Ingles gone , If Porter gets matched by the Wiz, I really think you throw the 16mil/3 yrs to Bojan
    since Wiz can not match both players. He can start at SF, maybe next yr switch with JJ when he is ready

    I just don't see any starter potential with who is left

    Bojan 16 mil 3 yrs
    Lawson 5 mil 2 yrs
    JaMychal Green 12 mil 3 yrs

    gets us close to floor?
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    With OP and Zbo, yes.
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    I'm calling it: 50 wins!!

    (it's become an annual tradition)

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    Honestly I think they possibly do. Not guaranteed but I have the Pels as currently constructed winning maybe 33 games at best, which we just might be able to beat if everything goes superbly. I watched them last season, they were terrible. Maybe with some players returning from injury they'll be better, but I'm pretty darn sure they aren't going to be in playoff contention.
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    Might hear a decision today, as I'm sure Otto and his representation know time is of the essence for these teams

    Don't lose your heads if he's not coming, it's a less that 50/50 proposition.
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    Is anyone worried that after Hayward chooses today/tomorrow between Jazz,Miami,Boston that the other two teams might send an offer sheet to Porter?
    Did we even find out who the third team OP was to meet was?
    I suppose Rudy gay might be a backup plan for Miami.
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    I would be very surprised if we win over 25 games. Honestly, I don't expect us to go much above 20.

    Remember that James led Cavs to 35 wins in his rookie season. Sure, we have more talent than Cavs had outside of James, but we're talking about one of the GOATs. Moreover, East was considerably weaker, even at that time. Now our kids will be playing 52 games against a stacked WC, with most teams sporting multiple all stars.

    I do wish that I'm wrong. We can only wait and watch.
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    Jazz won't have the space. Celtics already have a core of potential SF - Crowder/Brown/Tatum. Miami maybe, but they have Winslow and may not opt for such a contract when they have such a prospect
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    Well, if Porter comes it will be by sign and trade. Or he's let the team know he isn't interested
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