Otto Porter Max contract offer now moot

Discussion in 'Personnel moves' started by Section 101, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. kingjatt

    kingjatt Well-Known Member

    35 yr old ZBO and Porter enough to make the playoffs out West? Probably not in year 1 but I see the vision.
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  2. Blob

    Blob Well-Known Member

    Klay has a 26% usage (18 FGA). Porter had a 15% usage (10 FGA). It remains to be seen if Otto could maintain incredible 63% TS if his shot total went up to like 15 FGA per game , or 50% increase and bigger role in offense. Even if his scoring efficiency slid to TS 58-59% that's great too.
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  3. The Hammer

    The Hammer Well-Known Member

    Yeah that roster though just screams "clicking" to me for some reason. Bunch of guys playing with nothing to lose and no egos on that roster either.
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  4. The Hammer

    The Hammer Well-Known Member

    All true and I expect it to come down, but no reason to think he can't keep it around 60 if we get our offense humming.
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  5. Sac4cwebb

    Sac4cwebb Member

    Can the Wizards afford both Porter and Bogdanovic? If not, could we take Bogdo to fill our need at SF if they let him go?
  6. HndsmCelt

    HndsmCelt Well-Known Member

    No if the Wiz go all in on Otto they will be hard pressed to match high offers for Bogs, but do we really want to go with a swing man who has trouble defending 3s even if he is a sharp shooter? It looks like we may have the outside shooting solved but could really use a more versatile guy who plays gritty D. I cant imagine Bogs taking a short deal to move to the west to play on a team in rebuild mode but that is pure speculation.
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  7. dude12

    dude12 Well-Known Member

    Way to many young guys to make the playoffs....2/3 of the roster. That is not how you make the playoffs in the NBA........especially now in the west.
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  8. pdxKingsFan

    pdxKingsFan Well-Known Member

    I expect Washington will match but can they afford to keep Porter at the max and be in luxury tax territory with John Wall about to get the super max? What can we give them in a sign and trade deal? A pick swap next year plus the trade exception? It's not very exciting for them but if they max everyone out they are going to lock themselves into perennial 4/5 seed.
  9. dude12

    dude12 Well-Known Member

    If we miss on Porter, it's getting to the point where Sac should give out the 1 year contracts with a team option tiers. I'd give Lawson money, Zbo and Vince Carter or Tony Allen, and as icy as people don't want to heart, I still think Tyreke as he covers 2 positions of need allowing us flexibility on other signings.
  10. Merdiesel

    Merdiesel Well-Known Member

    Not gonna lie, I'm going to be disappointed as hell if Wizards match.
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  11. KingsSelecao

    KingsSelecao Active Member

    Washington will have to believe signing Porter to the Max is going to help them get past the Celts or Cavs. It Won't.
    That's where the bone of contention is. If he leaves, the Wizards are still a playoff team in the East. So, I guess it's the difference between being a 6-8 seed or a 3-5 seed. Wizards are not competing for a championship with that team, regardless of having Beal/Wall/Porter on the team
  12. CyKings

    CyKings Well-Known Member

    Do you think Sacramento with Porter is better than the following:

    Golden St. (duh)

    San Antonio (duh)
    Houston (Harden and CP3, duh)
    Minnesota (with Butler, will be in the playoffs)
    Oklahoma City (with PG13, in the playoffs)

    Denver (just added Millsap, in the playoffs)
    New Orleans (full year with AD and Boogie, above Sacramento)
    Utah (if Hayward goes back, another lock basically to make playoffs)
    Memphis (while aging, at this time, better than Sacramento)
    Portland (not a fan of theirs but I'd say they are in a better position to make playoffs)

    that's 10 teams I see that are better than Sacramento. I love the optimism but people need to be realistic also. Honestly think if Sacramento was in the East with all the mid-tier east teams going into a full rebuild that the Kings could sneak into a low spot in that conference behind Cleveland, Washington, Toronto, Boston, Milwaukee, Miami, and maybe Philly.
  13. Ozymandias

    Ozymandias Well-Known Member

    Same here. Even though it's bound to happen. He'd be a major come up and a franchise pillar, and with him just turning 24 it's a perfect match on many levels.

    The Wiz can't afford to lose him. If you watched them in the playoffs it was crystal clear their perimeter players all played well enough to win and their bigs, specifically the centers (or any big not named Markeiff Morris) were the weak links in the chain.
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  14. CyKings

    CyKings Well-Known Member

    On topic, I don't think Washington should match since I think Cousins could leave to go there to team up with Wall. Wall, Cousins, Beal trio could challenge Cleveland in a couple years to get to the finals.

    Washington shouldn't want to be almost locked in with Wall, Beal, and Porter taking up a majority of their cap. At this stage Porter isn't a guy that will elevate them over Cleveland into a finals team until LeBron starts majorly declining.
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  15. Merdiesel

    Merdiesel Well-Known Member

    Check out their boards, most of the Wizard fans are against the idea of maxing out Porter. Not saying the front office gives a damn what the fans think (see Sacramento the last 10 years) but it's something. The biggest argument is that paying Porter that much will negatively affect the teams ability to sign other pieces and will potentially lead to Wall to walking. Cross your fingers.
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  16. pdxKingsFan

    pdxKingsFan Well-Known Member

    They can't afford Cousins. They're pretty much already at the cap. Porter is going to push them well into the luxury.
  17. CyKings

    CyKings Well-Known Member

    They can do it if they get rid of Mahinmi's and one of the two of Gortat/Morris contracts next year via trade. Dump them for a future first and then they'd have the room.
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  18. Fireplug

    Fireplug Active Member

    I actually see three alternatives.

    1st) Wizards match Kings offer and are pretty much stuck with whatever they can get with a BAE and MLE to try to get over the hump. They were close last year to making ECF.

    2nd) Wizards don't match if they feel Porter isn't the piece they really need.

    3rd) (Much more likely than the 2nd option) Wizards do a sign and trade to get something back. Maybe even try to pawn off a bad contract (Mahinmi) the deal as well in exchange for one of our younger, cheaper bigs or Mali.
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  19. The Hammer

    The Hammer Well-Known Member

    Ooh I love it I've sparked a playoff debate!!

    Alright well let's say with Porter, Zbo, and Lawson or some such PG.

    Top 5 teams no right off.

    Yes better than NOLA. They're trash and have no real offensive system.
    Yes better than Utah without Hayward. Utah better with.
    They can knock off Memphis if they want it bad enough.
    Yes better than Portland it's a poopoo show over there and no continuity.

    So, top 5, then Denver, then Utah, then Kings fight Portland, NOLA, and Memphis and I like our chances.
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  20. Iced Espresso

    Iced Espresso Well-Known Member

    No way we eat Mahinmi in a sign & trade.

    3 year terrible contract + a max deal?

    They'd be lucky if we offered up Jackson.

    I wouldn't do that either if I'm Vlade, pay Porter or we will approach.
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  21. SacTownKid

    SacTownKid Well-Known Member

    Maybe not. They will probably look at it as losing an asset for nothing and they won't want to do that. They would be playing a game of chicken with themselves however. If they sign Porter to that deal they will watch any value disappear because of both what you bring up about them not being contenders anyway and him not being worth that deal even with highest offensive usage possible. The Kings are overpaying for potential, the Wiz would be overpaying for status quo.
  22. pdxKingsFan

    pdxKingsFan Well-Known Member

    I think they'd have to throw in a pick if they wanted to force Mahinmi on us. Take nothing back but a huge trade exception.
  23. ESP47

    ESP47 Well-Known Member

    You guys are funny with this playoff talk. Reminds me of Raider fans pre Derek Carr.
  24. Iced Espresso

    Iced Espresso Well-Known Member

    Picks not even worth his salary.

    I'm not sure what exceptions we could offer, but future seconds or maybe Malachi is about the only thing I'd part with, and that would only be if Porter inked a 5 year.
  25. Joshoua

    Joshoua Well-Known Member

    Fox is out Derek Carr but who is talking playoffs
  26. giantking1355

    giantking1355 Member

    But he read the angle superbly haha
  27. twslam07

    twslam07 Well-Known Member

    I was recently thinking of some sort of Beal for Cousins swap before the deadline.

    Pelicans might be worried about Cousins walking. This way they get a sharp shooter at SG & move Davis to C. If they were able to clear both Hill & Moore's contract before the 2019 offseason, they would have about $25 mil in cap space to add another big FA to Holiday/Beal/???/???/Davis. Leonard, Butler, Middleton, & Love will all be FAs that year. Leonard & Butler would probably demand more, but Middleton would be a really nice fit. Holiday/Beal/Middleton/Davis would be a pretty solid 4.
  28. The_Jamal

    The_Jamal Well-Known Member

    This is where the ownership is going to come in. Otto Porter doesn't move the needle for them in the East, even with how weak it is. And while they can afford Otto under the luxury tax, any other FA move to bolster their bench is going to cost them a fortune.

    Would not surprise me to see them come at us and wanting a young cheap guy in return for Otto S&T
  29. twslam07

    twslam07 Well-Known Member

    Justin Jackson & Georgios Papagiannis for Porter would be something I would do.

    I'd also take back Gortat & Smith with a 2019 1st attached to help them create more cap space. (still allows us to maintain cap space in 2019)

    I think another interesting deal would be Bradley Beal, Ian Mahinmi, & Markieff Morris for D'Angelo Russell, Trevor Booker, Justin Hamilton, & Isaiah Whitehead. That would basically take off all of their long term deals, give them young assets such as Russell, Oubre, Jackson, Papagiannis, & their own 2018 1st around Wall while having about $57 mil in cap space during the 2018 offseason (which they can use on Cousins & other FAs).
  30. The_Jamal

    The_Jamal Well-Known Member

    I don't think we can actually trade Jackson yet and I wouldn't either. Basically they can take Malachi or Papa in return for not entering cap hell by keeping Otto. Those are the kind of deals they need; cheap rookie cost controlled contracts.

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