Move to increase Guard depth?

Discussion in 'Personnel moves' started by King Baller, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. King Baller

    King Baller Well-Known Member

    With the trade deadline looming and 6 players out with injuries how can the Kings increase their Guard depth? They play 4 Bigs, Boogie, Koufos, Tolliver and Willie. can they spare Koufos?

    Will an injured Rudy Gay bring back a player?

    Casspi has been out with injury. Is he tradable?

    If there is a 2 for 1 trade made who should the Kings bring in? I. Cousins or?

    Or does Vlade bank on the return of Temple, Afflalo and Lawson after the AS break?
  2. DesertFox

    DesertFox Well-Known Member

    I think you move Koufos. You're a Cuz injury away from PapaG playing 20+ minutes, but at that point falling out of the race, anyway.

    I like Alec Burks, a 2 with pg experience.

    Collison and Koufos to the Jazz for Burks and Neto works.
    Jazz get the veteran backup pg and C they've been seeking for their playoff run.

    Burks can take Collison's role as scoring guard who brings the ball past half court (because Boogie has been the distributor). He can play PG with Boogie on the court, and can close games next to Lawson. Neto is a tough young pg who has fallen behind the depth chart. They provide some longer continuity for next season, and upside.
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  3. Gilles

    Gilles Well-Known Member

    Collison gets beat from time to time, Burks will be torched defensively as a starting PG. Then he'll leave with another injury, plus he had a major setback with his shooting this season.
    Neto is 25 and hasn't shown anything. You can easily find better PG prospect in D-League or better player late in FA: bring Farmar in, if you need PG help.
  4. King Baller

    King Baller Well-Known Member

    So there is the "NBA Hardship Exception" that allows teams to bring in a 16th players if they have a rash of injuries. Read about it here-->

    Is Jordan Farmar or I. Cousins the answer to the teams shortage of healthy players? These hamstring injuries could take a while to heal. And when the Fellas come back do you want them playing extended minutes?
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  5. kingsfan1984

    kingsfan1984 Well-Known Member

    I love the idea of having 2 lengthy defensive gaurds who can knock down the 3. Sacrificeing playing is fine with lawson off the bench and Cuz in the middle
    Throw back to the Jordan Harper backcourts
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  6. bajaden

    bajaden Well-Known Member

    I believe the deadline for using the injured player exception was Jan 15th. So I don't think that's available to the Kings at this time.
  7. Iced Espresso

    Iced Espresso Well-Known Member

    Farmar on two 10 days if need be seems the way to go to me unless someone else wants him.
  8. King Baller

    King Baller Well-Known Member

    Trading Boogie is bringing in 3 guards. According to Vlade, Langston and Tyreke are coming to the Kings along with Buddy Hield. So the Kings have traded away the most talented Big Man Boogie along with Omri Casspi. Now there are 3 more Guards on the Kings roster. Or is Tyreke a SF?
  9. Sam0ah

    Sam0ah Active Member

    It would be nice to give Tyreke a nice run and see if he has anything left in the tank. His highlights for the new year have been inconsistent, but some of them have been pretty good.

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  10. Tetsujin

    Tetsujin The Game Thread Dude

    To be fair, a post-trade playoff run spurred by Reke suddenly returning to rookie year form and resulting in the King losing its pick anyways would be optimal Kangz.

    (Also rookie Reke under Joerger's system would kill)
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  11. King Baller

    King Baller Well-Known Member

    A healthy Reke, a couple of good 3 point shooters and team willing to hustle and play defense is the Kings best hope going forward.

    I loved watching Boogie play and think he has HOF talent. But I just am not going to wallow in the misery. Been there done that. I'm taking what I consider the high road.
  12. lawlman91

    lawlman91 Well-Known Member

    I don't think we need to worry about winning right now, so being torched defensively shouldn't be too bad
  13. Telemachus

    Telemachus Well-Known Member

    The perfect Kangz situation would be for them to get the 1st pick in the draft (ending up with the 5th or 6th pick after the swap). Then having the Pelicans get into the top 3 and therefore keeping their pick.
  14. jcwkings

    jcwkings Well-Known Member

    Surprisingly the way the roster is constructed right now, if you put the ball in Tyrekes hand you can probably be pretty competitive. Assuming no other trades happen
    Hield or Mclemore

    Hield or Mclemore
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  15. KingMilz

    KingMilz Guest

    If Reke is willing to sign cheap and is somewhat healthy him and Temple as your back up backcourt is pretty solid next year
  16. NewArena

    NewArena Well-Known Member

    Lmfao back to 2009 we go

    Someone give John brockman or whatever his name is a call. Let's just go all out. Tell Ime udoka to take his suit off
  17. Gilles

    Gilles Well-Known Member

    Collison is not bringing much, but trading him for whatever is available is the right play to make. Skal is nowhere near being ready to have a role in NBA rotation, so no need to traumatize him with everyday abuse. Just give a series of 10-day contracts to any NBADL big, who look like he might belong, and run a continuous tryout at backup PF. Same with SF, although Kings now have so many SGs, that they almost have to give all SF minutes to them. If you find any forward, who might be 8th-9th man in PO rotation that way, well, you just got an early second for free.

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