Maloofs bet Mayweather to beat McGregor

Discussion in 'General' started by dude12, Aug 12, 2017.

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    I'd like to see something shocking, I don't think Conor winning is going to happen. So maybe Mayweather getting an early KO and then immediately retiring for good. It would shot a lot of people up who don't understand why Mayweather is so good. I think he is a crappy human but he's one of the best boxers I've ever seen and I always respected him in the ring (the same goes for Jon Jones, I was a fan and followed both early in their careers so it's hard for me to separate being a fan of a special fighter from being disappointed in them as people).
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    Welp... At least this time, Terry Conklin was actually Irish...
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    Anyone sensing a mcgregor v pacquaio or canelo coming up? Too much money to be made. Plus more beatable fighters for Mcgregor. Maybe even GGG if he gets his ppv buys up.
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    I think those guys would destroy him. Floyd was a great test as a defensive oriented fighter, using lightweight gloves combined with a history of hand trouble, who hadn't had a stoppage in 6 years. I take nothing away from Conor but he basically walked right into Mayweather's gameplan. I don't know why people always expect something else from Floyd - there's a reason he's an all time great boxer with the longevity he has had, and it's not because he rushes into trading punches. B-Hop was another great that most people never watched and when they did they thought he was boring, terrible and always got gifted decisions. I think the reason boxing has lost its popularity is because there are no Mike Tyson type beasts anymore. If you want to see quick knockouts, you can see at least two on your typical MMA card.

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