Malachi out 4-6 weeks

Discussion in 'Kings Rap' started by Kingfanpaul, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. Kingfanpaul

    Kingfanpaul Well-Known Member

    Malachi out 4-6 weeks :(
  2. gunks

    gunks Well-Known Member

    Dang! 4-6 weeks?

    Fire our training staff.
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  3. Kingfanpaul

    Kingfanpaul Well-Known Member

    Source: khtk Jason Ross
  4. ElRey

    ElRey Well-Known Member

    Dang, does this mean we can't trade Ben now?
  5. Bricklayer

    Bricklayer Don't Make Me Use The Bat Staff Member Contributor


    the angry indian spirits are hard at work down there, simply refusing to let go. I hope we make the playoffs just to spite them, then go out and take a whizz on them for good measure. Enough is enough.
  6. Fear the Putin

    Fear the Putin Well-Known Member

    partial tear of the hammy, ew
  7. New Era

    New Era Well-Known Member

  8. SLAB

    SLAB Well-Known Member

    Cursed AF. :/
  9. Larry89

    Larry89 Disgruntled Kings Fan

    Why does everyone have bad hamstrings on this team
  10. Kingsfan23

    Kingsfan23 Well-Known Member

    Maybe, but I'm not sure Ben is worth a lot. I don't know if he'd garner a late first by himself

    As for Malachi, glad it doesn't appear to be anything that will threaten his career in the long run
  11. Hoovtrain

    Hoovtrain Well-Known Member

  12. BamBam52

    BamBam52 Active Member

    These guys need to start eating more bananas or something lol. But in all seriousness though, makes you start to wonder about the team training staff, since they're all hamstrings. It couldn't just be a coincidence.
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  13. kingsboi

    kingsboi Well-Known Member

    fantastic. can't catch a break at all. he wasn't playing a lot anyway so I suppose if you are going to have an injury, it ought to be a rookie. It all started with Casspi and that bad juju has spread among 45% of his team.
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  14. kingsboi

    kingsboi Well-Known Member

    weak hamstrings perhaps? cold hamstrings? not stretching enough? it could be a number of factors.
  15. Sac.Kings

    Sac.Kings Well-Known Member

    Well, one of the major issues that could have potentially led to this injury is that we, as a team, were making Malachi play more than what he was used to (for obvious reasons), so perhaps physically he wasn't quite ready to meet that demand.

    When you ask of players to play more minutes than what they are used to suddenly, it increases the risk of injury to said players. It makes me nervous when I think about the rest of our main guys. Can they physically hold out playing the way we are (close, grind it out games?) and can they hold out without getting hurt?

    I think at this point, Vlade just has to get more/fresh bodies.
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  16. ockingsfan

    ockingsfan Well-Known Member

    How come Garrett Temple was a 2-3 week estimate for the same injury???

    The training staff needs to be upgraded!!!
  17. lwc

    lwc Well-Known Member

    Get well soon Malachi
  18. 206Fan

    206Fan Well-Known Member

    See, this is what happens when you draft 3 bodies who aren't ready to contribute. When injuries come along, those 3 roster spots are extremely important.
    All I hope is that we don't see Skal on the floor.
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  19. Suicide King

    Suicide King Well-Known Member

    Always darkest before the dawn. Get well soon Malachi and the rest of the team.
  20. Sac.Kings

    Sac.Kings Well-Known Member

    Hamstring strain vs tear are two very different diagnoses. A strain implies the muscle was pulled/stretched beyond its capacity, causing pain but no structural damage. You just need time and some therapy.

    A tear, on the other hand, is exactly what it implies. It's a tear to the muscle and unfortunately, the hamstring can be quite tricky to heal --- it's a massive group of muscles and it takes time to heal. It's also one of the more likely muscle groups to get injured again.

    That's the "why" between 2-3 weeks and 4-6 weeks.

    Again, it's not necessarily the training staff at fault here. Guys are playing a LOT of minutes due to a lack of bodies, and some are playing way more than what they used to just a couple of weeks ago. The demand on their muscles has grown significantly and it has a direct relationship with risk for injury. Also, being cursed as a franchise doesn't help either.
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  21. ockingsfan

    ockingsfan Well-Known Member

    I thought Temple was diagnosed with a partial hamstring tear, wasn't Malachi a partial hamstring tear too?
  22. Sac.Kings

    Sac.Kings Well-Known Member

    You are correct, I just looked it up. When it happened initially, the news came out as strained and that's what I went with.

    There are varying degrees of tears (partial can mean anywhere from a small tear to a medium/large tear) and based on the MRI results, a prognosis is given. It seems pretty logical that Temple's tear must have been a smaller tear than Malachi's.
  23. Blob

    Blob Well-Known Member

  24. theclash4u5

    theclash4u5 Well-Known Member

    So can we get a player exception yet to sign someone to a 10 day contract?
  25. Blob

    Blob Well-Known Member

    Don't worry guys Malachi will be ready for the 1st round of the playoffs ;)
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  26. Čarolija

    Čarolija Well-Known Member

    Well this sucks. So as of right not, Collison, McLemore and Barnes are only guys that we have healthy capable of playing in the backcourt :eek:
  27. King Baller

    King Baller Well-Known Member

    6 players out with injuries:( And they are all Guards and Wings:(
  28. Bricklayer

    Bricklayer Don't Make Me Use The Bat Staff Member Contributor

    I think its come time to unleash the fear:

    C- Papagiannis
    PF- Koufos
    SF- WCS
    SG- Skal
    PG- Boogie
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  29. Čarolija

    Čarolija Well-Known Member

    Couple of more injuries to the backcourt guys and we won't have any choice :(
  30. BamBam52

    BamBam52 Active Member

    Well, if there is a lack of bodies, I don't know what is taking Vlade so long to realize this team is a MASH unit, right now, even more so after last night. He cant get it past his thick skull that this team needs help, and he needs to stop sitting on his hands and do something about it.

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