Lawson's Broken Face

Discussion in 'Kings Rap' started by Bricklayer, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. Bricklayer

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  3. pshn80

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    Does e play right away with a face mask? Or do they wait for pain and healing to nave time?
  4. Capt. Factorial

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    That article says that Lawson is listed as day-to-day. I'm no medical doctor, but I suspect that since his fracture is stable and non-displaced his timetable for return is probably quite a bit shorter than if it were otherwise. And yes, a mask would seem probable for a while.
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  5. CurseOfTheSalmons

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    That sounds like one of those twirly bones inside our noses. Ouch.
  6. Capt. Factorial

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    Not exactly. The maxillary bone is the upper jaw and much of the front of the face. The maxillary sinus is an air cavity in the bone below the eye and lateral to the nose. The sinus itself isn't something that can "break", but the maxillary bone is broken in the area of the sinus.

  7. Suicide King

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    That whole sequence kind of bothered me, as no one including Grant and Jerry mentioned the fact that Lawson was still holding his face on one end of the court while everyone else went to the other end. It took Lawson basically fouling someone and Tolliver yelling and pointing at Lawsons face to get anyone's attention, including the refs.

    I don't have a point, just that it bugged me. I hope he has a speedy recovery.
  8. King Baller

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    I would have liked to see how Ty was injured. The broadcast crew messed this up in my view.

    I hope Ty can play with a mask as shown. He was really starting to tear it up and was the second best player on this recent win streak next to Boogie.
  9. New Era

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    They showed the replay....somebody was cutting to the basket and inadvertently ran into his face.
  10. 206Fan

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    Hope he recovers soon. Wouldn't want to rush him back, but it sucks because he was playing extremely well.
  11. Tetsujin

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    That someone was Tony Allen.
  12. IfAt1st

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    Well, inadvertently is a slightly misleading term in this case:

    Tony Allen was running towards the basket to get the rebound or get position and ran right past/through Lawson, his shoulder plowing through Lawson's mostly-stationary face on the way.

    It was a deliberate run, and Allen kept his shoulders wide as he ran past Lawson.
    You could say it was likely an accident, since players usually don't try to injure others by using shoulders in that fashion, but it wasn't an inadvertent play, since Allen chose to take the path to the basket that included Lawson's body (and face).
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  14. bajaden

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    No, they re-showed, but a bit later. If you went out for a beer you might have missed it.
  15. King Baller

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    Been known to do that:)
  16. Glenn

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    He is lucky it wasn't displaced or better put as I am selfish, the Kings are lucky. I don't know how long it takes to heal but the only thing I remember about healing time is that a sprain takes as long to heal as a fracture. The point is that this may take as long to heal as a displaced fracture. Ouch. Probably the pain is less.
  17. Glenn

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    I don't know if you are right or wrong but this is well written. It got a chuckle out of me.

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