[Game] Kings v. Spurs - Monday, Jan. 8 - 7 PT

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  1. Folsomkingsfan

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    Not the biggest issue in the world. Scoring 2 guards are littered all over NBA benches and the G-League. Defensively inclined 2 guards, on the other hand, are a rarity in the NBA. Even if his offense doesn't revert back to what it was he can still be useful off of our bench.
  2. The_Jamal

    The_Jamal Well-Known Member

    His footwork is getting super, super nice with his offensive post moves. And because he's so long and jumps so high when he puts up shots, his shots are really hard to contest. Was awesome to see him take it to LMA, a really damn good post defender, a couple times.

    I hope we stick it out with him and don't bail on his development. We're starting to see the glimpses again with him and if we can just get that light-bulb to finally turn on, he's going to be an all-star player.
  3. ppine

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    The Kings play defense and they are in games until the end. They kind of caved in during the last couple of minutes. But give credit to the Spurs, for their defense. A lot of teams seem to cruise along then play "fourth quarter defense." The Spurs must also have "the last five minute defense."

    Plenty of bright spots for the Kings. Willie and Skal are playing much better.
    We had no answer really for Bertrans and Aldridge. You would think a guy like Willie could go out on those guys and slow them down.
    It is becoming boring to see opposing players set career highs in scoring against the Kings. I give them credit though for improving a great deal. The Spurs still come at you no matter how many guys are on the bench in street clothes.
  4. Kingster

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    The Kings only had eight fast breaks in this game. That's not nearly enough. (When the Kings were ahead in this game I thought Pop thought he had the Kings exactly where he wanted because the Spurs were for the most part playing at their pace). Part of the reason is that they just aren't that talented at defensive rebounding and so have to crash the boards with just about everybody and guys can't "cheat" running down the floor on offense. Another part is that they they just don't have the collective mindset to run. Proof of this fact is Joerger yelling at them to run. You don't have to yell at your team to run if they are a proficient running team. I've seen college teams run fast breaks much better. My suspicion is that a lot of this is just due to the lack of coaching time during the preseason and regular season. If you see a fast break run like a machine you'll see great outlet passes and then you'll see the ball never touching the floor before a basket is made - bam, bam, bam, BAM. Obviously that can't be done regularly, but this team isn't even close to that type of proficiency. They look like they are operating at 60% efficiency. I sure hope we see a more proficient running game next year when most of these guys will have a year of work under their belt.
  5. eMBarkat10n

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    Thank you, kind sir :)
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  6. SacTownKid

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    The Spurs ran a lot more switching off of pick and roll and the Kings decided not to really space much of the floor or pull it back out on the mismatch. The Spurs took away the middle which the Kings were having a field day in. The Kings have enough 3 point shooters to make teams pay for that, or they should at least. Too many 3 point shots come as a last resort instead of being a first or second option. The best 3 point shots created were for Zbo who either didn't hit or got a toe on the line. If teams leave Zbo that wide open from 3 and Fox continues to find him the Kings are going to mess their draft pick up!
  7. Folsomkingsfan

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    He has all the tools to be a great player. His offensive game is developed way beyond his years. So far this season I've seen him make hook shots with both hands, fade aways from multiple places on the floor, 3 pointers, and running floaters. He needs to spend the entire offseason lifting weights, drinking protein shakes, and running defensive schemes with Joerger.
  8. kingsboi

    kingsboi Well-Known Member

    also put up a whole lot of three point shots. Never hurts to have that in your arsenal.
  9. mac

    mac Well-Known Member

    The skills and moves are there, he just needs to get better at reacting quickly to use them, and also establishing and catching in better position. Rooting hard for Skal
  10. eMBarkat10n

    eMBarkat10n Active Member

    What most Kings fans need to realize is that...

    Even without Tim Duncan.
    Even without a healthy Kawhi Leonard.
    Even without a healthy Manu Ginobili
    Even without a healthy Tony Parker.

    The Spurs still have Gregg "Freaking" Popovich.

    I've said this before, and I will say it again until the day I can't....Gregg "Freaking" Popovich can take a bunch of D-League Wannabes and coach them to the NBA playoffs. Not only coach them to the playoffs, but he can coach them to a top 4 seed, a deep playoff run, and even the championship. He is that darn good of a coach.

    With that being said, I still enjoyed our guys' effort throughout the game. We didn't allow the Spurs to come in and just roll over us. We fought. We kept it close. We made things slightly uncomfortable for those Spurs. I can respect that.

    Oh, and we can't forget that it was Gregg "Freaking" Popovich who praised Bogdan Bogdonavic with some great comments. That should tell you a lot right there...

    The future is looking bright, Kings fans. Hang in there, we're almost back.
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  11. Kingsfan23

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    Despite the fact that he maddens me at times, he has innate talent that you can’t teach. There is every reason why he was a consensus top 2 pick a couple years back. That height, touch, athleticism, and weak side instincts.. Despite how he looks I consider him still one of the top three prospects of the team and the teams future PF. Still 21 and got a late start. He’s a good kid who will put the work in too
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