[Game] Kings v. Bucks - Tuesday, Nov. 28 - 7 PT

Discussion in 'Kings Rap' started by VF21, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. Nokidding

    Nokidding Active Member

    Bledsoe/Liggins and Brogdan completely smashed our SG/PG's they couldn't do anything against them in terms of getting into the paint while they were on the floor (also the offense we run makes it hard as well). Hield/Fox/Mason all looked like they were walking in quick sand trying to get anywhere.

    I'm really not a fan of letting Skal in the opening quarter guard the oppositions best offensive weapon all it does is get them going which normally means that for the entire game that player (recently Griffin/Giannis/even Green was drilling 3's on him) are going to monster you and if the other role players join in it's pretty much over. WCS has to start or you send doubles non-stop.
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  2. NewArena

    NewArena Well-Known Member

    Skal has no business starting in this league as of right now. I know coach wants to light a fire under WCS but come on

    Would’ve been nice to play well on a back to back but I don’t think our young guys can handle it right now. We have a nice rest until Friday so maybe that’ll help
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  3. Vladizzle

    Vladizzle Well-Known Member

    Really dude? I understand he's a monster of a player but you don't throw Koufos on a small forward let alone an athletic freak, that's comical. Skal was bad because he's weak, should have tried Temple or somebody but Koufos? Yikes.
  4. ESP47

    ESP47 Well-Known Member

    If you look at the roster, we have no one capable of guarding Giannis. The guys that are big enough, aren't athletic enough and the guys that are athletic enough, aren't big enough. WCS played what I thought was pretty solid defense on him and even he got roasted.

    I agree with Skal coming off the bench. I'd like to see him get going against backups so he can regain some confidence and his footing in the league.
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  5. King Baller

    King Baller Well-Known Member

    The Bucks defense was really good. Credit has to be given to their team. It is almost as if they had scouted the Kings the night before in a game 90 miles away.

    As far as who should be defending Giannis Antetokounmpo one must remember he is in the running for MVP of the Association at 22 years old:eek: Giannis has put on a lot of muscle and if it has affected his mobility it has made him faster:eek:.

    I think in this case credit has to be given to Giannis and the Bucks. They are really good, Giannis is MVP material, they had the Kings scouted perfectly AND they played a great game. The Kings looked like a team that has played a hand full of games together with a lot of young players and on the second night of a back to back.
  6. Vladizzle

    Vladizzle Well-Known Member

    Koufos though..I still don't get it.

    I'd rather see George Hill on the perimeter guarding Giannis than Koufos...

    Might as well thrown Pappa on him with your logic
  7. John Galt

    John Galt Well-Known Member

    All I'm saying is that nobody can guard him, so I don't think it really mattered in the end. He's ridiculous and scary and unfair.
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  8. eMBarkat10n

    eMBarkat10n Active Member

    Soooo......after seeing the final score, I decided AGAINST watching the game, as I knew I'd probably want to smash things in the process...Did I miss anything worth raving about?
  9. Capt. Factorial

    Capt. Factorial Cantry Member Staff Member Contributor

    Fox had a nice baseline drive and dunk in traffic, and Bogdan threw a nifty hook lob to WCS. Other than that? Not much to write home about.
  10. King Baller

    King Baller Well-Known Member

    Now that is focusing in the positive:)
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  11. eMBarkat10n

    eMBarkat10n Active Member

    I feel significantly better about myself for not watching the game. Especially if that's all that there was to "write home about".

    Growing Pains = Future Gains??????? That's maybe one way to look at it...
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