[Game] Kings @ Clippers - 4/12/17 - 7:30PT/10:30ET

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Do you want the Kings to tank tonight?

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  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Don't care

  1. HndsmCelt

    HndsmCelt Well-Known Member

    Kings motto for the season never give up.
  2. Tetsujin

    Tetsujin The Game Thread Dude

    Secondo motto: "Let continuously pee off a large faction of our fanbase one way or another."
  3. HndsmCelt

    HndsmCelt Well-Known Member

    Langston Galloway does not want to have to go to the D-League
  4. Telemachus

    Telemachus Well-Known Member

  5. Blob

    Blob Well-Known Member

    Kings can play spoilers of sorts.
  6. Npliam

    Npliam Well-Known Member

    Strange but I feel like I am the only Kings fan on here tonight.

    GO KINGS!!!!!
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  7. Blob

    Blob Well-Known Member

    Affalo saves his best for when we least need it.
  8. andjel

    andjel Well-Known Member

    Understandable, you care for Kings only today
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  9. Section 101

    Section 101 Well-Known Member

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  10. mac

    mac Well-Known Member

    Oh goodness our defense ...
  11. HndsmCelt

    HndsmCelt Well-Known Member

    For the record I'm perfectly okay with three four or five of our guys falling out tonight by laying heavy bruises on the clippers for you.
  12. c-webb1s#1

    c-webb1s#1 Well-Known Member

    This game is really making me dislike Afflalo...
  13. Kingz19

    Kingz19 Well-Known Member

    Boy! How about these Clippers, Jerry?
  14. Tetsujin

    Tetsujin The Game Thread Dude

    Willie with 7/8/4 in 17 minutes. The dude trying to back up his comments last night.
  15. Tetsujin

    Tetsujin The Game Thread Dude

    Langston driving the tank.
  16. andjel

    andjel Well-Known Member

    ok, one more half of this and I am happy camper.
    Blake, Chris and Jordan on the way to 35+ minutes game
  17. Kingz19

    Kingz19 Well-Known Member

    Ugh..adding meaning to a Clippers game is to set the table for a Clippers collapse.

    I expect a lethal dosage of Afflalaway jumpers and a Kings win
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  18. Bosnian Diehard

    Bosnian Diehard Well-Known Member

    Why are we only down six at half?!
  19. HndsmCelt

    HndsmCelt Well-Known Member

    Because the Clippers team motto has always been "no guts no glory, look up at the banners!"
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  20. Tetsujin

    Tetsujin The Game Thread Dude

    Because the Clippers are bad.
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  21. WCS with 9 PTS 10 REB 4 AST and a block at the halfway point...only 18 minutes played.

    Me likey very much.
  22. Blob

    Blob Well-Known Member

    The 8th pick on Draft Express is Jonathan Isaac. The 10th pick is Zach Collins. That's what is potentially at stake in this 2nd half. :eek:
  23. Make that a dub dub for Willie. Hitting some long jumpers too.
  24. Blob

    Blob Well-Known Member

    Wow, great pass by Buddy.
  25. PurpleHaze

    PurpleHaze Well-Known Member

  26. Tetsujin

    Tetsujin The Game Thread Dude

    Clippers announcers superhigh on Willie.
  27. Blob

    Blob Well-Known Member

    The Clippers are the premier choke artist team in the league. Kings are playing free and easy.
  28. HndsmCelt

    HndsmCelt Well-Known Member

    Doc Rivers looks a little sick
  29. kingsboi

    kingsboi Well-Known Member

    He's sick of the LA weather, he is itching for that Florida weather instead.
  30. Tetsujin

    Tetsujin The Game Thread Dude

    Skal is not a good defender.

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