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    Temple had a few comments on the Locked on Kings podcast re: Harry Giles:
    • great guy best rookie in terms of listening and wanting to learn
    • knows how to play the game, our best passer as a big on the team
    • gigantic hands, able to get to the rim from the mid post with one move and hold ball with one hand
    • athletic, you would not know he had two knee surgeries
    • sets great screens, unusual for young big
    • can't wait to see him on the court
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    If Giles can play in February and get in about 20-25 games, it would give Sac an opportunity to see what they got and might help with the eventual draft.
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    He has to go the the Dleague first get 25-30mpg like 10 games than come back up in March
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    Grant always hypes the unseen. If the team is doing badly and the other kids are exhibiting the growing pains..maybe raising questions about our draft moves..he’ll immediately start hyping the guy we aren’t seeing. Whether it’s Giles this year or Bogdan last year(who Grant admittedly didn’t really watch).

    Not saying he’s wrong. I’m sure he has it on good authority but I noticed the next guy up is always better with him. Whether it’s a mystery prospect or a reserve that in theory can do great with more minutes. “Let me tell you, John Salmons will make you forget Ron Artest even exists. Okay?”

    I can’t wait to see Giles. What Temple says has me stoked.
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    The Giles hype though is coming from all different parties, although all Kings related, but nothing but superlatives and then if you watched the above posted Instagram video........hard not to get our hopes up once again.
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    From a Jason Jones mailbag column two days ago...

    A: There have been very brief glimpses of Harry Giles in practice for the media. Those around the team rave about his potential as he’s shown athleticism and shooting range in controlled settings. Giles is also proving to be very studious and picking up all he can from film sessions and working with assistant coaches away from the court.

    The good news is his knees are fine and the team has no worries in that area. Now it’s about getting Giles in the physical condition to play competitively again. He hasn’t played much in the last year and coming off injuries, the Kings want to make sure he builds up the strength in his legs, core, etc., to withstand playing NBA basketball.

    Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/sports/nba/sacramento-kings/kings-blog/article194595179.html#storylink=cpy

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