[Grades] GRADES vs Knicks 11/11/17

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  1. gunks

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    Personally, I like that WCS is a bit of a hipster weirdo. Not everyone in the league needs to be a cookie cutter jock.

    His inconsistency, coupled with his habit of talking big without backing it up, is what grates.

    I'm critical of him, but I'm rooting for him too. I'd be quite pleased if he makes me eat a bunch of crow.
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  2. KingsFanGER

    KingsFanGER Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry - I don't want to sound blunt, but from my point of view you are making excuses.
    We are literally talking about a guy not using his athletic gifts to the fullest out on the floor, which is just hustle and nothing else. Not his college coach, not him being late to basketball, not the coach he played for a few seasons ago, and not his "smoothness".
    I don't know, if you watched the Pelicans vs the Hawks, but that's how a crazy athletic PF/C looks like, when he is locked in. John Collins was outworking everyone on the floor, not because he is such a skilled basketball player, but simply because he is quicker to the ball than a lot of guys and wants it more.

    We all know Willie can play like that. The question is, why he just shows is it spurts.
    Nobody is expecting great basketball out of Willie. Nobody is expecting him to be a 20/10 guy. All people want to see, is a guy, who is totally locked in and impacts the game with his athleticism, like he should.
    If you don't want to watch John Collins vs the Pels, just remember how Thon Maker looked in the Playoffs last season. He wasn't on the court for extended minutes, he didn't have a role on offense, but the kid was busting his tail on every possession and made an impact on D just by being athletic.

    I'm repeating my question: Why should we pick Willie over a whole bunch of mediocre athletic bigs, that are currently in the league, who all can do, what Willie does? What's his calling card?
    He is in his 3rd year and is 24 years old. We should have an idea, what his calling card is in this league right?
    The fanbase has been very patient with Willie. Most people turned on Ben way quicker. And Ben never talked a big game.
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  3. dude12

    dude12 Well-Known Member

    I try to be patient with players. I think I've come to the conclusion that WCS is not the guy we want going forward. Unrealistic about what he should be but really the biggest problem is inconsistent effort from play to play. Frustrating because the ability is in there to impact games on the defensive side.
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  4. ESP47

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    I think he's our 2nd best defender next to Koufos and I've shared my frustrations with his shot blocking, which has been mildly better this year. But what's even more frustrating to me at the moment is his lack of getting easy buckets. In the Sixers game he was catching lobs and actually rolling to the basket in PnR situations. In turn, he got a bunch of high percentage looks and actually scored a good amount of points efficiently.

    I don't know if it's Joerger or WCS but I'm going to give WCS at least some of the benefit of the doubt this year because last year he was out there running the PnR correctly and his scoring and efficiency were much higher. I know WCS wants to be Porzingis but he's not stupid enough to forego 3-4 easy buckets at the rim to showcase his "skills" by taking low efficient long 2's instead. I feel like Joerger has WCS play the ZBo role (or Gasol role), which works okay for ZBo but it's not WCS's game because you can't just give him the ball and have him go to work. WCS is constantly being fed the ball late in the clock with the rest of the team just standing there waiting for him to do something. That's not what I call putting your players in a winning or developing situation. He should not be handling the ball at the high post at any point with less than 12 seconds left on the shot clock unless he's given a wide open shot when no one else can get any good looks.

    He failed miserably in this role in Summer League last year so I don't know why Joerger is going back to it. WCS may lack effort, motor or whatever but a good coach should get the most out of him by playing him to his strengths and not just penciling him in this "role" that is a part of a system but doesn't work for his skills.
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  5. dude12

    dude12 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'm not going to blame the coach for his inconsistent effort which is the point I made.....your zoned in on Joerger, I'm pointing out effort on WCS' part.
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  6. KingsSelecao

    KingsSelecao Active Member

    Temple: B: Hit some big 3's, great D. Solid.
    Hield: B: 6th man showing up again. Some issues on D, but rotation change doing wonders
    Hill: C+: Hit the party early. Incredible first Qtr. Left after 12 minutes.
    Randolph: C-: Hill's wingman. Enjoyed a few early libations then took the rest of the night off
    Bogdan: C: Looked Spry early. By, the time he got back in the game, was ice cubes
    Skal: C: A few glimpses and some awful D
    WCS: D: (Content removed by moderator)
    Fox: D: Passive effort. Trying to hard on some plays, taking other plays off.
    Koufas:D: 2 and 3 in 21. Not his usual lunch pail performance
    Jackson: D: Looked confident in the 2 wins. Was completely overwhelmed by Porter
    Papi: No Grade: He will never be anymore than Greg Ostertag. What does Vlade see in this guy? Once again, Vlade's over infatuation with Euro's
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  7. KingsSelecao

    KingsSelecao Active Member

    At 24, I am not at liberty to give WCS the benefit of the doubt. You think he's going to flip the switch and turn into Tyson Chandler by the time he's 25?
  8. ESP47

    ESP47 Well-Known Member

    I was talking benefit of the doubt as far as his offensive play in Joerger's system goes. Not his rebounding and rim protection. That's all on him.
  9. KingsSelecao

    KingsSelecao Active Member

    That's the confusing part for me. He wants to run grit and grind. But, Randolph, Hill, and Koufas are the only ones suited for that offense.
  10. KingsSelecao

    KingsSelecao Active Member

    Comparing himself to KP is a Red Flag. It's ok to compliment KP and desire to model his game like his. But, to make a comparison? It's laughable, at this point. It just is. Now that Melo has left the Knicks. KP just took it to an MVP level. The only comparison that I see: Their Both Tall. That's it.
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  11. ppine

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    Winning cures everything.

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