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Discussion in 'Kings Rap' started by Capt. Factorial, Nov 28, 2017.

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    Yep, they've accumulated a lot of skill players but not much athleticism. Vlade and Webber's Kings didn't have a whole lot of athleticism either but they had a ton of skills that compensated for that. What they gave up in athleticism on the defensive end, they made up on the offensive end with ball movement and pure scoring abilities. The current team doesn't have that. You're correct about WCS and Fox but Fox is so weak right now that he can't even use his athleticism half the time. Giles won't be as athletic as he could be after all the knee injuries but he should be in that group with WCS and Fox when he starts playing.

    In the upcoming draft, Doncic is a lot of peoples favorite but he's the least athletic of the upper tier prospects. He's also arguably the most skilled. It's going to be interesting to see what happens.
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    Yet, during our three-year run before Webber blew his knee (2000-2001 to 2002-2003) our league rank in DRtg was: 7, 6, 2. Athletic or not, we were VERY good defensively. This year, so far, we are ranked #29. If we want to argue that there is a similar lack of athleticism on this year's team to our glory years team (I can't really say whether that's accurate one way or another as my eye for athleticism isn't great and the mists of time have clouded my memory, but let's assume it's true) then it's hard to say that skill on the offensive end was the only thing separating these teams. Our glory years teams clearly had a lot of skill on the defensive end as well. And one hell of a coach on top of that.
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    I agree about Fox. His athletic talent will shine as he gets stronger, but also as he understands how to change speeds in combination with changing directions, which has more to do with experience. It's a lot easier for a defensive player to zero-in on very fast straight line speedster than on one using different speeds combined with a change in direction. (See the Eurostep). When Fox gets that "skill-set" down, as well as a consistent 8-18 footer, look out NBA.

    I also agree about the old Kings team, but I don't see the old Kings' team competing with the type of athletes that we see today in the NBA. Looking to the old Kings' team as a model is the wrong way to go, and based on the drafts of Divac so far I feel comfortable enough that he puts a high value on athleticism (as well as on BBIQ).

    And I agree about Giles also. We'll just have to wait and see. I'm hopeful on that score. He could be the 3rd very good athlete on this current team, despite his past injuries.

    I don't want Donic. We need a uber athlete on this team who can refine his basketball skills over time. To maximize the skills of some players like Bogs, the Kings need to reach a certain threshold of overall athleticism that they just don't have currently.
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    Agree 100% about Fox and Zbo. Not sure what went on behind closed doors, but Fox went from an aggressive spark plug who zipped across the court trying to make plays to a guy who dribbles slowly to half court and passes to Zbo and retreats to the 3 point line. No one on our team has benefited less from our shiny new veteran additions than Fox.
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    Hill and Temple - 44 minutes

    Richardson and Jackson - 15 minutes

    ...in a massive blowout is completely unacceptable.

    I'm sorry but the guys on the floor who barely scratched out 11 points in the 2nd quarter should have been riding the bench the rest of the game after that BS display of basketball. Absolutely pathetic.

    Couple other observations...

    I'd be completely ok with Kosta never touching the ball on offence ever again. He's not reliable at all. It's a coin toss if he'll actually catch it, and when he does it's some prayer of a hook shot or an air ball floater. I'm also convinced he's scared to dunk. Last night he had a wide open lane with nobody in front of him and he quickly floated up a brick. Every other 7 footer in the league would have dunked it.

    What is also bugging the hell out of me is how under utilized Fox has been. Could we clear out some space and run a GD iso play for this kid?!

    All and all, Dave Jeorger does not get a passing grade from me so far this year. He's been absolutely terrible.
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    I respectfully disagree it is Giannis.
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