[Grades] Grades v. Suns 2/3/2017

Discussion in 'Kings Rap' started by Bricklayer, Feb 3, 2017.


We lost yet..how many of Cuz, Barnes, Koufos, Ben, DC, Lawson, WCS deserve a C or lower?

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  1. Bricklayer

    Bricklayer Don't Make Me Use The Bat Staff Member Contributor



    Link to Boxscore

    Barnes ( B- ) -- sometimes the Barnes hate is fair, sometimes not. Tonight was more of a not. Things to hate: TJ Warren ended up with 21 points, Matt is not a great shooter and had a not a great shooter shooting night. Things to like: Matt scrapped on the glass to give Cuz some support, and he made some big boards and defensive plays down the stretch. Even the challenge on the Booker game winner was good, just not successful.

    Cousins ( B ) -- grade wavered up and it wavered down. Basically the Suns came out doing the big/big double on him every play, Cuz responded passively but played PG, since we don't have one in the starting lineup. Result = easy triple double. And in the 3rd really began to crank up the defense, then bomb threes. But also loose TOs, got in foul trouble, and last few minutes alternated great plays and mistakes.

    Koufos ( C+ ) -- figuring out a grade here is tough, because Kosta was broadly effective. Started off the game rough, like everyone, blowing multiple open-because-of-Cuz finishes which you cannot do. But then he settled in, and notched 9pts 6rebs in only 16min. The problem was, the Suns blatantly did not care, sagged off him 10 feet, and doubled Cuz before they would even gurd Kosta. So not playable.

    McLemore ( B ) -- and this becomes a Ben only grade. So here is what we had: Ben started in complete scrub fashion. Halfway through the 1st he was 0-4 on gimmes and I was surprised we did not cut him mid-game. But then he got a breakaway and was off to the races, and just that fast led us in first half scoring with 16. Then the 2nd half happened and the Suns guards took turns using his noggin to measure their shots while he did nothing. But this is Ben and must be close to a season high.

    Collison ( B- ) -- our "PG" managed to notch 1/3 as many assists as Ben...and 1/12th as many as our center. Spent much of the first 2 1/2 quarters fouling people. But began to get his offense going in the 2nd half and was an important scorer for us down the stretch. In the final two minutes did the normal DC. Missed the easy shot that would have maybe won the game for us, but came back to hit the little one to tie it and set us up for the loss.


    Tolliver ( D- ) -- has begun to really pee me off with his incompetence. Missed shot after shot after shot. During his final minute his last act was even to blow a layup + assist from Lawson, get the reb to pad his totals, and hit the follow to reach 2-9 after 1-8. Barnes had to take care of the rebounding again

    Lawson ( B ) -- impressive offensive game repeatedly squirting to the hoop, but also a number of near turnovers as I think teams are beginning to scout those little drop off passes to Willie cutting to the hoop. And got lit up on defense, by Knight in the first half and anybody taller (i.e. everybody) in the second half.

    Richardson ( D ) -- looked half a rook last time out for the first time, and now responded to the opportunity of no Temple by going full rook, and losing his second half minutes. Shot was just off to the side every time, which isn't great (shooters are supposed to miss long and short). Had a couple of nice defensive possessions and competed on that end. Nothing else.

    Cauley Stein ( B- ) -- not as much offense as the Suns has scouted the Lawson to Willie connection, and repeatedly broke that up. Finally got one late (the only hit was a tough long shot to bail out Cuz). but grabbed one of the most authoritative boards we've seen form him, and combined with Barnes for some late defensive work. Contributed again.
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  2. Jeremy Fraser

    Jeremy Fraser Well-Known Member

  3. KingMilz

    KingMilz Guest

    Where are we currently in the "turning the corner" phase?
  4. CyKings

    CyKings Well-Known Member

    Barnes and Koufos are the only two I'd give grades under a C for. Barnes made some plays late and I don't fault him for Booker's winner but he's a liability on offense. Every time he shoots a three I have no confidence it'll go in. Koufos is getting passed by WCS, might be a good time to trade him for assets for the future.
  5. kingsboi

    kingsboi Well-Known Member

    veteran movement in full effect. I love directionless basketball with no vision or future :rolleyes:
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  6. theclash4u5

    theclash4u5 Well-Known Member

    Can we please please PLEASE rebuild? I don't care if we switch our pick from 4th to 8th with Philly, I just want to see our young guys play. START ALL 3 OF THEM!
  7. PurpleHaze

    PurpleHaze Well-Known Member

    I thought Kings rebuilding since around 2009. Coaching staff under reconstruction entire time and FO rebuilt recently. What is rebuild? What is demolition? Are we permanently jinxed? What the hell is going on? Tank time is all I can think of now.
  8. kingdivac

    kingdivac Well-Known Member

    Yes Sir, I foresee your wish at least partially being fulfilled. How does the 6er swap go again (the details)?
  9. steelevt

    steelevt Well-Known Member

    This ending sucked. I mean it really sucked. A bank shot as time expired? I mean c'mon.
  10. Bricklayer

    Bricklayer Don't Make Me Use The Bat Staff Member Contributor

    Yeah...but really, the game was lost by us even being in that position again.

    Really an entire season lost on just this sort of result. We don't lay down...but we just absolutely find ways to do just enough to lose. You hope it will all turn out to be learning how to win learning experiences for the future, but my lord how frustrating. I think at this point we've just about run out of possible ways to lose games late and are just repeating ourselves.
  11. Gliesian

    Gliesian Well-Known Member

    Glad to see Cuz mastering the passing part of his game but that foul draw attempt on the 3 was a basketball abomination. Almost as horrifying as that bank shot... He made a lot of silly mistakes this game and I can only guess that his brain turns to mush playing in front of all his fans in the new arena. How else can our home record be worse than our road?? Makes no sense.
  12. Dime Dropper

    Dime Dropper Well-Known Member

    Lets be honest here, there is zero chance of this team getting to the playoffs, regardless of how close the standings are. We consistently lose games we should be winning and always seems to find a way to lose. I feel bad for Cuz. This season has been a write-off and it could get even worse with the Philly/Chicago situation.
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  13. fansinceday1

    fansinceday1 Well-Known Member

    If he signs his extension there will be zero reasons to feel sorry for him ever again. He has his chance to get out if he hates the direction of this franchise. I for one would respect him a whole lot more if he told the Kings to take a leap. It would be throwing away millions but man, the losing year after year after year has got to be weighing on the guy.
  14. chief bromden

    chief bromden Well-Known Member

    Second this post. If he distrusts the refs, why put it in their hands when you can have control of the game? I'm sure he wants that one back, but it is a bad taste. The home record thing is as much of a head scratcher.
  15. DC222

    DC222 Guest

    This one was on the coach. I know you all hate Ben but if a guy is on fire you don't pull him from the game. Once he did he stomped out any fire Ben had. And considering. He was the only one show up in the first half...Sad.
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  16. steelevt

    steelevt Well-Known Member

    That and not feeding cuz more down low when he had a young rookie on him or smaller guys like tucker. Both shouldn't be able to guard him in the post.
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  17. Tyndel

    Tyndel Member

    We need to stop playing for the foul and go up strong especially at the end of games and the fouls will take care of themselves. It is disappointing to see so much flailing or hedging toward contact and putting games in refs hands.

    That said we also need to start making adjustments in our offense to take advantage of the emphasis Cousins is making on passing, more back screens and off ball slashing, when he has it and less standing around. It is pretty to see passing from a big man again high or low and it was one of the things that impressed me about Cousins when he came into the league and he started flipping it to Dally in our early two big lineups, turnovers and all.
  18. kingdivac

    kingdivac Well-Known Member

    Yes their 3-ball defense was not good enough. They were good enough offensively team-wise - especially shooting by several Kings. The last play was a playground shot with good defense from Barnes. It was many of the makes before that were guarded half-heartedly. That turnover under their basket really hurt as they were in a small run and could've pulled away. ah well, another home loss in a close game
  19. Blob

    Blob Well-Known Member

    I don't want to criticize Cousins too much because he's been unstoppable often, but his periodic unwillingness and/or inability to get back defensively is hurting the team at pivotal moments. More importantly his TOs have spiked over this stretch of games we needed to win to make a legitimate playoff push. These games are over the last 2.5 weeks:
    • Loss to PHX > 5 TOs
    • Loss to PHI > 8 TOs
    • Loss to IND (road) > 6 TOs
    • Loss to IND (home) > 9 TOs
    • Loss to OKC > 6 TOs
    • Loss to CLE > 6 TOs
    Teams are doubling him more often because of the impotence of other guys and for most part he is making smart reads and often brilliant passes. But combination of physical and mental fatigue into the dog days AND incessant bickering with refs drain him to degree it makes him more susceptible to carelessness. He's made undeniable strides in this area, with career high in assists (4.6 APG) and assist to TO ratio (1.3) but burden of carrying of such heavy load while also being at constant odds with officials seems to be taking toll.

    A bad shot is better than coughing it up when trying to make a play that is not there. A bad shot gives you a chance for the offensive board AND at least leaves your team more balanced to get back on defense. As a team we are 14th in TS% and 19th in TO rate. If we did a better job protecting the ball, more middle of the pack, we'd move into Top 10 team in offense (currently 15th) and it would help our defense efficiency too (currently 3rd worst in the NBA) since we would not give up so many transition buckets.

    Reducing Cousins turnovers is two fold (1) Boogie being more careful (2) teammates (new or existing) more offensively competent and thereby requiring attention they often don't deem.
  20. Sac.1989

    Sac.1989 Well-Known Member

    Tonight's game is where we will truly see the character of this team.

    Everyone's expecting us to lay down on the second night of a back to back against the warriors whose fans no doubt will travel and make this seem like a road game.

    All I say is F the warriors. Demarcus better be pissed
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  21. Blob

    Blob Well-Known Member

    We don't hate Ben. Get outta here with weak polarizing statements. Most fans are frustrated and rightfully so he hasn't progressed despite serious investment in time and minutes to turn him into capable starter or rotational player. But it's not hate. Its not personal. Most fans recognize he's a good kid, hard worker but not a good SG. Hate is a strong word and you should not throw it around so lightly.
  22. DC222

    DC222 Guest

    Eh it's a message board. plus somebody was trashing Ben on another thread about not being hard working. So to me that says blind hate.
  23. New Era

    New Era Well-Known Member

    We are sitting at a .380 winning percentage, on pace to win 31 games. That would be a 2 game decrease from last year. Good times.

    Getting beat at home by the 2nd worst team in the NBA is not good. Not good at all.
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  24. jcwkings

    jcwkings Well-Known Member

    Yay. Moral victories.
  25. SLAB

    SLAB Well-Known Member

    There will be no moral victory. The Warriors will wipe the floor with us. May as well not even show up and save our energy for the next one.
  26. Heuge

    Heuge Well-Known Member

    Being a Kings fan is not for the weak.
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  27. pshn80

    pshn80 Well-Known Member

    Tank time, we are ni it now. Let's get out of it.
  28. gunks

    gunks Well-Known Member

    Yes, let's tank.

    We're hella good at drafting, so that's the solution.
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  29. macadocious

    macadocious Well-Known Member

    To get Philli a better pick?
  30. pshn80

    pshn80 Well-Known Member

    Sorry, don't give a rat's patootie what we give Philly. There's a game tonight, that's what is important.
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