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Pretty girl of the Fugly game?

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  1. Bricklayer

    Bricklayer Don't Make Me Use The Bat Staff Member Contributor

    Well. And on probably the last night the Full Consortium will be together until after the holidays too.

    Shades of Orlando. Only one guy showed.

    Hope we're not getting back into a tradition of doing this too often, but yeah, this crap happens = Girls.


    Link to Boxscore


    McLemore ( F ) -- fugly. FUGLY. Luckily nobody gave him a piece of gum to chew at the same time or his head may have exploded. Bumbled, stumbled, there has to be something going on with Afflalo (trade demand?) for ben to get these minutes playing like this. once hit a three, which pathetically stood out in this game as a wondrous achievement.
    Maia Mitchell

    Featured Grade
    Cousins ( B- ) -- Got going early powering thru traffic for, then a mid-range step back 2, but then an offense foul driving baseline vs their 7-2 kid, then his rolls to bucket for easy 2's in traffic, gets 14 pt in 1st qtr out at 2 min mark and back in at 8:35 left in 2nd. Breaks thru triple team, down low for 2 then leaks out to lead fast break for 2. Was hustling down much better tonight too bad only other scorer in double digits was Lawson with 10! Pops a short 3 near end of 3rd. and one more in 4th Typical game again doing it all but playing out a lot decreasing his rebounding--Cruz.

    Koufos ( C- ) -- screwed up again and again, kept turning it over and committing dumb fouls to send the Mavs to the line, but hey, compared to the rest of the dead things that showed up tonight, relatively speaking he at least did something by helpng Cuz out a bit on the glass.
    Kim Kendrick

    Temple ( D- ) -- there were some moments of tough D to rescue this form an F, but really and truly killed us with an awful offensive game. Couldn't have hit the ocean from a liferaft, and after missing open -- and that was the thing, they were OPEN shots -- shot after open shot to just sap us of any will or rhythm, began pressing and making dumb errors with the ball, overattacking,and it got wretched.
    Alicia Vikander

    Collison ( F ) -- where was the fire? Or the anything? Roadkill out there today. Worked over on defense, barely even responded enough to brick another shot. We tried to get him going by letting him take a team technical...bricked that too. Cuz was out there all alone as a scorer, and for all appearances DC was hoping to get back home in time to catch Santa Claus vs. the Martians
    Veronika Istomina



    Barnes ( C ) -- barely noticed he was out there. That was the problem. Missed his threes like the rest of the team, did have a few nice defensive stands on his namesake. Impact free enough to really not matter.

    Tolliver ( C ) -- messy and ineffective in his first stint as he and Willie spun in circles as the Mavs ran by them. But better later. Tried to compete a little, got a cou0ple of blocks inside, a little better on the boars. Joined the whole damn team in not being bale to shoot.

    Cauley-Stein ( C ) -- the lost puppy thing was back for his first stint, tiptoeing in circles as the mena men blew by him. But he was more active and engaged as the game went on, managed to use his length for a few things, and don't look now but he's finally starting to baord a little after the ridiculous start to the season.

    Lawson ( B- ) -- this really was not a spectacular game for Ty, but he was basically the one non-Cuz who gave us ANY push at all. Hit a few shots, tried to set some guys up, but of course you can't notch assists when you team full of multimillionaire professional ballplayer is shooting worse than the average KF mod. Size was a problem on defense again.

    Labissiere ( INC ) -- just the final two minutes

    Richardson ( INC ) -- just the final 2 minutes
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  2. IfAt1st

    IfAt1st Well-Known Member

  3. Chupacabra

    Chupacabra Well-Known Member

  4. pshn80

    pshn80 Well-Known Member

    Brick, come to California and change our luck.
  5. dude12

    dude12 Well-Known Member

    Some guys didn't play well, and it happens, but they still gave effort...Temple, Koufos, Tolliver, Lawson
    One guy was good once again...Cousins
    1 guy had some moments in 4th quarter garbage time but just looks lost....WCS
    1 guy just doesn't appear to be very good....Ben when was his last good game?

    But one guy,,just gets out competed damn near every game, not sure if he doesn't care, lost his game....in a stretch where we need him to step up, he's going the other way....Collison.
  6. kingsboi

    kingsboi Well-Known Member

    and in typical Kings fashion, after a solid win in Memphis go and show their true colors once more. Cousins getting only 6 rebounds is criminal with a man of his stature and height, I'd sacrifice more points for rebounds and blocks. Who is Finney-Smith? team performance by Dallas...revenge was there for the taking and they did just that. Endless cycle continues.

    One last thing, thank you for putting Alicia Vikander! That was the best part of this thread :D:D
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  7. Kingsfan23

    Kingsfan23 Well-Known Member

    Collison was one of my favorite players, now I dislike him and want him gone
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  8. Kingsfan23

    Kingsfan23 Well-Known Member

    What is going on with Omri too?

    This is the time without Rudy he should be proving himself
  9. Jimbob

    Jimbob Well-Known Member

    I'm also appreciative of the Alicia Vikander picture. She is truly a talented actress. Perhaps you may shake up the theme with female MMA fighters as well. Its nice to acknowledge their talents.

    Collison is a huge disappointment WTF is up with him. All the more reason to get Payne here asap. And play Malachi, there is no reason not to in such games.
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  10. King Baller

    King Baller Well-Known Member

    Cousins - FGA = 24, FGM = 12
    Rest of the Kings - FGA = 52, FGM = 18

    If only one more Kings player could have hit a few shots.
  11. VF21

    VF21 #KingsFansForever Staff Member Contributor

    Carmichael Dave ‏@CarmichaelDave 4h4 hours ago
    Worth following: according to league sources, Aaron Afflalo was slow to enter the game in Utah, declined to enter in Houston. Stay tuned.

    Carmichael Dave ‏@CarmichaelDave 4h4 hours ago
    Aflallo was on the bench tonight and in Memphis, but recorded two DNP-CDs. My guess: there will be a few more to follow.

    Carmichael Dave ‏@CarmichaelDave 4h4 hours ago
    Got a lot of questions about Afflalo lately,seems to be a situation that's been brewing on the downlow.Can't imagine Coach wasn't perturbed.

    Oh goodie. More freaking drama.
  12. Čarolija

    Čarolija Well-Known Member

    Can't say this was unexpected given how he reacted to getting benched in NY last season :(
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  13. hrdboild

    hrdboild Well-Known Member

    ...still not seeing how Afflalo, Lawson, and Barnes are positive veteran influences. On the other hand, I'm more excited about this crop of rookies than I was on draft night so it's not all bad news. I feel like we're close to being something kindof decent but then I've felt that so many times before and been proven wrong so it's hard to trust it. Oh and I watched Rogue One instead of this game and it was really good so that's more good news! :) I'll be up in Sacramento for the game on Tuesday, checking out the new digs. Considering it's the next home game after the Cousins vs. Sac Bee war got kicked into hyper drive I'm expecting fireworks. Should be a pretty good show. Never a dull moment with this team!
  14. Bricklayer

    Bricklayer Don't Make Me Use The Bat Staff Member Contributor

    Yeah exactly what I was thinking.

    Dude apparently thinks of himself as a higher class player than he is, and basically if you bench him he just quits. Start me or else.
  15. John Galt

    John Galt Well-Known Member

    Quick quiz: Who famously said "If I ain't startin, I ain't departin"? Google is cheating.
  16. kingdivac

    kingdivac Well-Known Member

    Lawson is a positive....he's been fairly consistent in his effort and performances....not the other 2. Until they blow the team, they will not be decent, don't kid yourself.
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  17. kingdivac

    kingdivac Well-Known Member

    Totally convinced the team needs to be completely blown up. Cannot keep going for 30 wins and 8-10 picks. Problem is the management is incompetent too, evident by the drafts.
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  18. Jimbob

    Jimbob Well-Known Member

    If there is a serious issue with Afflalo just cut him and create an opening. No other team will want him unless some big dollar trade is happening where he becomes a salary dump.

    Lawson seems like he brings something. I'm enjoying his contribution more than Collisons.
  19. swisshh

    swisshh Well-Known Member

    Collison hasn't been able to come through on the scoring end with Gay out. Not sure what the reason happens to be.

    Losing to the Mavs is real bad. No other way to put it. Team can't get any flow going to create a win streak.
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  20. hrdboild

    hrdboild Well-Known Member

    And here I thought "close to being kindof decent" was setting the bar pretty low. :) Here's my best glass-half-full assessment: Cousins is obviously great. Temple is a solid vet who's signed for 2 more years. Some of the young guys look like they can play .. Malachi, Skal, and Bogdan. There's half a team there. Coach Joerger may not be a miracle worker but he's solid. Add in a draft pick, another good free-agent signing (nothing crazy, just someone reliable like Temple), and a couple solid players via trades and we could have a team next year. That's a lot better than the situation we were in 3 years ago with a roster cluttered with mediocre vets, no cap space, no coach, and a toxic front-office environment. Things could certainly be a lot better but we're not completely hopeless either.
  21. ockingsfan

    ockingsfan Well-Known Member

    It's really ridiculous if afflalo is throwing a tantrum for being benched.

    He flat out doesn't have it to be a starter in the league anymore and he needs to accept his role as a bench player.

    If he doesn't, try to trade him in a salary dump trade come deadline. If no takers, cut him after the deadline passes and give the kids some run.
  22. KingMilz

    KingMilz Guest

    I was one of the first who suggested/wanted DJoeger here but if we do blow it up one thing he's never done (which I did at the time point out) as a NBA coach (I'm sure he might have in his minor league days) is develop any young talent at all even JaMycal Green who is the current starting PF would have never seen the light of day if it were not for a massive rash of injuries. He seems to be doing similar things here without the veteran roster/talent he had in the past.
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  23. kingjatt

    kingjatt Well-Known Member

    Now the Afflalo situation? add that to Rudy and Omri publicly wanting out, Ty missing a flight after partying the night before, Barnes and Cuz out punching people, cursing out reporters, the constant losing and bad body language around the team, am I missing anything else? Oh and all of that is just this year, The Cousins era has a laundry list of these types of events, forget winning, a culture of professionalism and hard hard work needs to be established here before any winning happens. These patchjob rosters are not going to be some magical shortcuts to winning, its coming time to do this thing the right way and rebuild from the ground up.

    "Basketball hell" seems pretty appropriate right about now.
  24. Kingsfan23

    Kingsfan23 Well-Known Member

    Cousins era? Is that blaming him?

    They can't move Cousins for value right now. Your ok with moving him for a lesser package to restart?
  25. kingjatt

    kingjatt Well-Known Member

    Lol dam the cousins sensitivity is at an all time high, no if I were to solely blame him it would have been said directly. Anyone with a clue can see this organization has been run by clowns since he's been drafted and I love vlade but until the wins are put on the board I cant say he is any different yet.

    I love cousins, we are the worst roster in the league without him and would not even crack ten wins without him, but all of this stuff he does certainly doesnt help. I get it, its who he is, and honestly if our organization was any good and we could be 6-8 seed with a possible brighter future his antics could be put up with, hes not committing any crimes.

    But as funkykingston has said a parting may be whats best for both parties at this point. We cant win with him + scrub vets and the timelines of cousins age and our true rebuild via draft and develop do not match. Even if we keep him on with us we would win too much to net anything in draft.

    And HELL NO we should absolutely hold out for the best possible package available, this is a 30-10 center in his prime. If all we get is fleecing offers then you just throw the new contract at him, getting fleeced in a Cuz deal would be terrible. Although with this franchise nothing surprises me anymore.
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  26. KingMilz

    KingMilz Guest

    30 wins and 10 games missed with injury
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  27. mac

    mac Well-Known Member

    No we're not, at least not in terms of talent. Y'know, good culture winning proven vets and whatnot.
  28. KingMilz

    KingMilz Guest

    Were Tolliver/AA not meant to be a upgrades over Acy/Curry at double/quadruple the cost?
    At this point AA has been a downgrade from James Anderson and his naughty side is really starting to bubble.
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  29. kingjatt

    kingjatt Well-Known Member

    We just lost to the 6-20 beat up Mavs with Cuz by 20 pts. The rockets game was over in 3 minutes. Everyone besides Cuz is out there playing for their next team/contract or desperately trying to stay in the league. Maybe the Sixers are worse but for a team that has been made to "win now" it is alarming how bad we are without cuz, Even the Cavaliers minimum D-League players(Love,Irving,James and Thompson(few mins) didn't play) only lost by 8 to the Grizzles on the road! Ironically that is what makes tanking so enticing, I think this roster without cousins is perfect for a tankjob.

    Being .500 at this point would make a tankjob avoidable but as every loss mounts the elephant in room keeps getting bigger.

    Please just mericulously come together and start winning!-Life of a kings fan:(
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  30. kingjatt

    kingjatt Well-Known Member

    It's going to be a while before anyone declares Vlade's tenure as a GM a failure because of the love he gets in this city. But why couldn't we have dealt Rudy and thrown big deals at Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon during the offseason instead? or a number of any other moves. Anyone who watched Toliver and Afflalo last year could see that they were done. They can't even replicate Curry/Acy level production!

    Even with his failures I think he needs to lead the rebuild though, failure is a part of this business and it happens to the best of them. Evalute Vlade in 3-5 years and go from there. Plus Joerger should get a chance to develop his own roster and we need stability more than anything. No more mismatched GM's and coaches. If we want to keep Joerger(which should be a no-brainer at this point) then Vlade must stay because that is his guy.
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