[Grades] Grades/post-game discussion v. Raptors - 12/17

Discussion in 'Kings Rap' started by VF21, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. VF21

    VF21 #KingsFansForever Staff Member Contributor

    All things considered, not bad. I just hope DeAaron and Bogs are available for Tuesday's game against the Sixers.

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  2. G_M

    G_M Well-Known Member

    Strong effort against one of the best teams in the East. I'm liking where this team is heading
  3. RaY Z

    RaY Z Well-Known Member

    Very flattering scoreline to the Raptors.

    Love the growth with this team! The future is bright!
  4. Gliesian

    Gliesian Well-Known Member

    Bogdan is great. He will be an above avg starter in playoffs. Skal learning... didn't like his attitude after he fought for the rebound with Buddy and it resulted in a TO. Might have caused Buddy to miss his subsequent 3. Can tell he's frustrated and wants to help.
    Pappa lookin good.
    I wonder if Fox loses his starting spot after this game. I would bench him.
  5. bloom

    bloom Well-Known Member

    Can someone please tell me why the Kings YouTube page rarely puts up Postgame interviews? Anyone know who actually puts those up? Thank you
  6. kingsboi

    kingsboi Well-Known Member

    I see them posted when they win, when they lose, you won't see them. At least not from the Sacramento Kings youtube page nor the Cowbell Kingdom
  7. gunks

    gunks Well-Known Member

    Free Fox! Bench him!
  8. KingsSelecao

    KingsSelecao Active Member

    Playoffs? He'll probably be 30 and on the decline by the time Kings get into the playoffs.
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  9. jcassio

    jcassio Well-Known Member

    Another game that brings hope for the future without sacrificing our top 5 pick in 2018.
    Skal... well, just, er, nevermind.
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  10. VF21

    VF21 #KingsFansForever Staff Member Contributor

    And isn't that what everyone was clamoring for? They're doing exactly what the vast majority of vocal fans wanted them to do and yet there are still some who aren't happy... I've been a fan of the Kings since day 1. I've seen a lot more to be hopeful for in just two months than I saw for years at a time in the early days.

    It's a GREAT time to be a Kings fan.

  11. Gliesian

    Gliesian Well-Known Member

    I never said free fox. I have said players gotta earn mins tho at this stage of the season.
  12. Iced Espresso

    Iced Espresso Well-Known Member

    Joerger responded oddly about Papa, and didn't think he played very well.

    To me I saw a more calm/confident guy who always has set good screens, but looked like a threat to score and did his best to protect the rim.

    So nice to see that.
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  13. Iced Espresso

    Iced Espresso Well-Known Member

    In my best Reynolds impersonation, "Bud played like a dud."
  14. Gliesian

    Gliesian Well-Known Member

    It's going to be a lot harder to get into the playoffs after this year... that would be sad indeed but I think our talent is good enough. Tbh I don't care about playoffs I want the full Monty. For that we need a super duper star or two.
  15. Nokidding

    Nokidding Active Member

    Aside from the good play of WCS/Bogs quiet possible the most pointless game of basketball I have seen, we played our vets tons who we know most are bench to deep bench players and lost easily despite playing nearly as well as they could.

    If we are going to loss at least loss with Jackson/Mason/Buddy/WCS/Papa and whoever else we have that's young.
  16. mac

    mac Well-Known Member

    We missed some wide open 3s (LOOKING AT YOU JJ) at critical times and Kosta couldn't hit water from a boat. Mason ... I respect his fearless mentality but he has to know what separates a guy his size from someone like Westbrook when just driving it into the bigs ruthlessly. Another thing I noticed was that our bigs tend aren't fluid in moving the ball around to an open shooter. Hield was open quite a number of times coming off screens but the bigs didn't even look his way. I liked that Joerger actually had 5 young guys out there at one time (Papa G, Skal, Buddy, Mason, Bogie)
  17. The_Jamal

    The_Jamal Well-Known Member

    Hoping this was a showcase of sorts and we start fielding some calls for ZBO and Hill especially.
  18. kingdivac

    kingdivac Well-Known Member

    Caught a portion of this game intermixed with NFL games, and was very pleased with the defense. Their offense was putrid unfortunately. It was a "good" loss though, hard fought and inducing little disappointment - score more lopsided than gameplay indicates. Had the Kings an average semblance of offense in the game, they might've won the game. They could barely hit the barn. Reminded me how poor Koufos is offensively and why he should not get the ball in the post. Mason was out of control on offense in the 2nd half and rightly got benched.
  19. kingdivac

    kingdivac Well-Known Member

    Sorry to say, I don't see the talent as good enough from the younger guys. Bogdan has the makings of a starter and solid player but no one looks to be all-star material imo. Hield shows flashes but is inconsistent, as is Cauley-Stein. Fox has some promise but underwhelms. I'm not on the Joerger train really either but I don't know any coach that could make a "silk purse out of a sows ear" with this Kings team. The solution is unclear too or may not even be there. The problem for this team is clearly offense, showcased again in this recent Raptor game. In the majority of losses the team goes through a "dry spell" that parches chances of winning. I actually commend the team's defensive hustle against the Raptors. The coach needs to figure out offensive focus and efficiency beyond Randolph in the post, though I'm not sure the ability is even there, at least not right now.
  20. mac

    mac Well-Known Member

    I guess the question is - how would Buddy look playing under Pop? How would Fox be developed? Granted, situations are different, but I really feel that our young guys have much shorter leashes and aren't able to play sufficiently to show consistent good performance. As I said in another post, it's too early to judge whether doing so is beneficial or detrimental, but it does mean that our young guys aren't going off for 40 points on 25FGA anytime soon.
  21. dude12

    dude12 Well-Known Member

    The Kings offense looked good in the first half. The young guys in the second half were not good......starters also sketchy but when the young guys went in, it got away from them. Is going to happen against good to great teams who are motivated. Mason was bad, Hield was off, Jackson played some good defense but missed wide open 3s, Skal and Papa together is a no go
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    JCTNKINGFAN Active Member

    All in all there were some positives, played a really good 1st half, and even managed to stay in it thorough the 3rd quarter all though the end of the 3rd was when it started to get away from them. They kind of lost their composure and played without any patience in the 4th, ball movement wasn't good, pretty much non-existent. But, road game, playoff contending team, no Z-Bo or Fox. Mason tried to do too much and kind of played out of control. Willie at times plays too unselfishly, looking to pass when maybe he should be more aggressive, but there is a fine balance there, he has shown some really good passing skills. It's a work in progress and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.
  23. King Baller

    King Baller Well-Known Member

    Pop plays rookies?
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  24. sactowndog

    sactowndog Active Member

    Papa just can’t defend the pick and roll. It’s not that he doesn’t understand it like Skal, it’s he is just to slow to stop the guard driving to the basket. Every time he came in they attacked him immediately.

    Some chance exists Skal might increase in IQ but I’m not sure how Papa magically gets more foot speed. Both Skal and Papa point to the need for better bigs. I say play them a lot and 1) remove any doubt 2) put yourself in position for Bagly or Ayton. I’m worried about Porters back.
  25. sactowndog

    sactowndog Active Member

    Interesting. I think Willie passes the ball extremely well. JJ has lost his ability to hit a three and isn’t close. He missed them even in G league. But I agree, it gives me more hope to see the young guys go in and flash even if we lose.

    Buddy, Frank and Bogie have all show they can play in the league and need 25-30 minutes consistently.
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  26. mac

    mac Well-Known Member

    His high picks? Yes. Of course, the Spurs haven't had much very high picks in recent years, and many of their "rookies" are Euro players with experience. How about guys like DeJonte Murray? George Hill, Parker ... as I said, the situations are different, but they were ultimately developed into very decent players. Put it this way, guys like Danny Green, Jonathan Simmons etc. probably wouldn't be in the league if not for playing for Pop. Gary Neal? Buddy would be getting loads of open shots and easily averaging 15ppg if he were playing for the Spurs, that's my point.
  27. mac

    mac Well-Known Member

    I think Willie is pretty good at finding cutters (who would be cutting in front of/ by the side of him). Not so much seeing guys open in the corner of his eye to swing the ball to from the high post.
  28. Iced Espresso

    Iced Espresso Well-Known Member

    That's fair.

    We've got two bigs who can, Kosta somehow is pretty solid defending it as a slower nonathletic big, and of course WCS too.

    But Papa is still young, you can do quickness drills and improve a few things still. He's fairly sharp out there.

    Skal just hasn't played enough basketball. I don't think anyone knows how much he will grasp bb IQ wise in the next few years, but without him seeing the floor much I don't like his chances.
  29. sactowndog

    sactowndog Active Member

    KK is much quicker than Papa. I like Papa, I love the screens he sets. I just don’t know how he gets any quicker. Papa would be a dominant water polo player.
  30. sactowndog

    sactowndog Active Member

    Yeah that’s fair but I think he can get there. He’s a willing and pretty good passer.

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