Golden One Center - "Tesla-like"

Discussion in 'Off the Court' started by PurpleHaze, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. fansinceday1

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    Sure beats the hell out of the old "echo arena". Went to plenty of concerts at the big gas station and man, the acoustics were HORRIBLE. Can't wait to hit up a concert at Golden 1.
  2. Warhawk

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    I've been to several concerts there already: Jimmy Buffet, Bon Jovi, and the Chainsmokers. Sound quality is night and day better than the old barn, as much as we loved that old building. I was sitting up in the nosebleeds for Chainsmokers (next to last row I think) and could still feel the bass vibrating my chair.
  3. 206Fan

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    I'm a fan of the Chainsmokers, how was the concert?? Did it act more like an EDM event? I'd imagine the sounds wound be insane at the G1C.
  4. Warhawk

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    I'm what many here would classify as an "old fart" - never been to an EDM event. But they had the dance music going and lasers/lights/fire/smoke action and a lot of folks jumping around in the stands, so I guess it would qualify.
  5. fansinceday1

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    Last concert I was able to attend at "the old barn" was MUSE. Muse was great, even with the horrible acoustics. Id love to see them perform at Golden 1.
  6. fansinceday1

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  8. Ozymandias

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    This is the best arena I've seen (not in person) in the NBA hands down. It's a masterpiece.
  9. PurpleHaze

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  10. fansinceday1

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    I never thought I would see this happen to sacramento. NEVER.

    Next up on my wish list? Sacramento Republic being awarded a spot in the MLS.
    The stadium that is being drawn up will be spectacular and will be another showcase to what sacramento has to offer.
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    I see this as all bad. We're paying stupid prices for homes and just making the banks richer and richer because of it.
  13. Warhawk

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    Went to the Imagine Dragons concert a couple days ago at the G1C - it was the one-year anniversary of the first event (Paul McCartney opening concert). Happy first anniversary to the home of the Kings! Been a lot of great concerts and some fun games. Hopefully some better luck for the Kings in upcoming years is in the works too.
  14. Warhawk

    Warhawk The cake is a lie. Staff Member Contributor

    In case anyone is interested in this kind of thing, a 13 minute video on how Turner Construction built the arena:

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