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Discussion in 'Kings Rap' started by '89 Kings Fan, Nov 12, 2013.

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    So has a new stats page powered by SAP, and there all kinds of goodies to be had. For instance, I decided to dive into our horrible rebounding numbers and found the following:

    John Salmons Contested Rebounds through 6 games = 0

    What's a contested rebound? A rebound gathered when an opponent is within 3.5 feet. Apparently with all the new camera's they are able to track this kind of data. So in 2 and 1/2 hours of playing basketball, Salmons has only been within 3.5 feet of an opposing player rebounding six times and gotten zero of those rebounds. He is actually getting 71.4% of rebounds that are with 3.5 feet of him. But is 3.5 chances an average #? If you look at player who have played over >25 minutes a game so far, sorted by Rebound Chances per Game

    Player / Minutes / Rebound chances per game / Rebound % / % Contested
    John Lucas III- 28.0 - 3.0 - 79.2 - 5.3
    Jamal Crawford - 27.0 - 3.1 - 60 - 13.3
    Deron Williams - 27.3 - 3.3 - 60 - 25.0
    JJ Reddick - 30.3 - 3.4 - 81.5 - 0.0
    Joe Johnson - 29.6 - 3.5 - 71.4 - 20.0
    John Salmons - 26.4 - 3.5 -71.4 - 0.0

    Salmons is 6th after a bunch of guards. To put this in perspective:
    Player / Minutes / Rebound chances per game / Rebound % / % Contested
    Isiah Thomas - 27.8 - 4.2 - 52.0 - 30.8
    Grevious Vasquez - 27.7 - 4.3 - 50.0 - 7.7

    Though I would like to point out that our 6'6" guard is not rebounding better than our 5'7" guard.

    So how's our SG doing?
    Player / Minutes / Rebound chances per game / Rebound % / % Contested
    Marcus Thorton - 28.5 - 4.8 - 51.7 - 13.3
    Kevin Martin - 35.0 - 4.6 - 70.3 - 15.4

    And how is our PF doing?
    Player / Minutes / Rebound chances per game / Rebound % / % Contested
    Patrick Patterson - 26.0 - 8.5 - 54.9 - 25.0
    Jason Smith - 28.7 - 8.3 - 56.9 - 21.2

    So besides Cousins our starting 4 is rebounding the same as

    I. Thomas/Kevin Martin/Joe Johnson/Jason Smith

    That is going to make it almost impossible to win.

    However there is hope:
    Player / Minutes / Rebound chances per game / Rebound % / % Contested
    Ben McLemore - 20.0 - 5.3 - 43.8 - 35.7
    Travis Outlaw - 16.0 - 4.7 - 78.6 - 22.7
    Jason Thompson - 19.5 - 8.7 - 59.6 - 41.9

    I know it won't be a straight linear progression, but that should give us a net of +7 rebounds per game if those 3 started. Also for comparison:
    Player / Minutes / Rebound chances per game / Rebound % / % Contested
    Kevin Love - 36.6 - 23.6 - 63.5 - 36.7
    DeMarcus Cousins - 32.1 - 13.2 - 73.4 - 39.7
    oh and don't forget
    Steve Adams - 20.2 - 11.0 - 54.5 - 69.4
  2. ShastaKingsFan

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    Thanks, that is a really interesting stat and is the root of the problem. The one that definitely pin points the aspect that we've been talking about with "effort". I think the better word may be "fight", as in fighting for the ball.

    You have to have players who fight for loose balls and rebounds. If 3 of your starters are terrible at this, you're gonna get pounded most of the time, unless you're absolutely shooting the lights out.

    The other deal is the three players in question are all generally outsized by the opponent in most games. Thornton is the size of a point gaurd, Salmons a shooting gaurd, and Patterson is matched up against guys who are longer than him. Two many undersized players in the heart of our lineup. You can get away with one, maybe two undersized players, if they make up for it with outstanding play in other areas, or play their guts out with super effort,.. but that isn't the case here.

    Our size and length goes way up with McClemore, Outlaw or Moute, and JT. No brainer at this point
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  3. mac

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    Really interesting post. Thanks for taking the time to present the stats!
  4. Gary

    Gary Well-Known Member

    Notice how Love puts himself within the 3.5 ft? His rebound chances are off the hook. He has a nose for the ball. Damn I wish there was some way we could have got Love.

    I wonder why in four minutes of playing time Love is averaging 10 more rebound attempts than Cousins.
  5. ShastaKingsFan

    ShastaKingsFan Well-Known Member

    He's fully prepared mentally every game, to do physical battle on the floor. A throwback to how several effective guys played in the 70's and 80's. Players like Kurt Rambis, Jerry Sloan, etc etc. Even more recently in one of our coaches..Corliss Williamson. Guys you knew were literally going to leave bruises as evidence of their war like effort.

    We have too many guys who avoid contact and/or don't have the physical makeup to engage in this kind of battle
  6. Bricklayer

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    I'm wondering that too. Love is a freakish rebounder. Was what jumped out about him form his first game as a rookie. Has a nothing body, but he's country strong. Everything he gets his hands on he keeps. But the stat there suggests that the reason he's heads and shoulders above everybody else is because he's actually racking up far more opportunities. Nose for the ball I suppose.
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  7. ShastaKingsFan

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    Probably because he's working with another very physical player, their center Pekavic. They have two guys constantly around the basket fighting for position and the ball. Cousins is forced to do it more on his own, when he plays with the Patterson
  8. Chubbs

    Chubbs Well-Known Member

    I remember him saying after his 30-30 games that at one point in that game he just decided he was getting every single rebound. To get 30 in todays NBA, that's what it takes almost to get 30. He can actually do it. And that's with minimal leaping ability. Desire and timing are more important.

    to shasta, love can rebound no matter who is opposite him. He did it before Pecovic, and he'll do it after.
  9. ShastaKingsFan

    ShastaKingsFan Well-Known Member

    No doubt about it, but it helps to have another physical player fighting along side
  10. Chubbs

    Chubbs Well-Known Member

    Well, there's no doubt the kings are a terrible rebounding team. Anything would help.

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