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Discussion in 'Prospects' started by Ozymandias, Jul 25, 2017.

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    Yep, me too. Ayton is my favorite out of the "big 5" to start the year and it's starting to shape up for the Kings where the weakest "potential" spots on the roster are the 4 and the 5.

    I love that Ayton bulked up. Watched the UMBC game and thought "holy poopoo, dude has been putting in work" and already seeing results. Thing is, as Baja said, his frame can support even more weight. Just a grown ass man at 18 years old.

    Obviously, he's gonna have a massive size advantage over pretty much everyone in college, but I really liked the "way" he was controlling the glass. Reminded me a lot of Boogie where he just dominated the space in front of him to where basically only he could only get it. Big difference though is Ayton can actually get up for the boards too, rather than be ground-bound like Boogie. Will be really interested to see if that continues moving forward because if it does, he'll be contending for the top rebounder spot in the NBA.

    He's going to be an awesome shooter moving forward, which is absolutely nuts for a 7'1, 260 pound dude who can jump out of the gym. I don't really care what his jump shot %'s are this year, it's going to be good as he gets more reps. Has a great high release that's hard to contest and gets it out of his hand quickly. Just perfect for today's NBA.

    And as you mentioned he's a physical beast in the post, but has great touch too and showed a couple really nice post moves. He showed a great understanding of how to use his size to his advantage in the UMBC game. Didn't see much playmaking from him, but Arizona didn't really need it this game.
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    Sorry late to respond but had to go in for surgery on Monday. Back home now and watching games again. As for Diallo, I have no idea how good of a shooter he'll eventually be, but for now, it appears he's worked on his shot during his year off, because his form has improved, and so has his shot. Whether he'll be able to sustain that or not is anyone's guess. The last thing we should be doing is talking in absolutes. No one, and I mean no one knows how good some of these guys can be. We can guess, and in some cases, it's a fairly safe bet. But in the case of a player like Diallo, who knows. Now by march we may have a much better idea of what the future holds for him. Same for Knox. Just because Knox is struggling a bit and Bagley is killing it, doesn't guarantee that Bagley will be the superior player.

    These guys have a year of college and a couple years of NBA play before we will know how good they'll be. And in some cases, especially PG's, it can take up to 4 or 5 years in the NBA before it all clicks. So to pass judgement on any player this early is just plain ridiculous. I think it's fine to look at the pluses and minuses of players, and at some point, around draft time, you have to weigh all those and make a decision. But right now, way too early. In Diallo's case, although he's improved his overall form, if you watch his shot in slow motion, you'll notice that he releases the ball on the way up instead of at the top. It's a minor thing, but needs to be improved. He does have a fairly high release point, and a fairly quick release. He's a terrific athlete, and right now, the last of my worries about him is whether he can play off the ball or not.
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    Hope you have a great recovery Baja! The Duke-MSU game might be a good treat for you. Jarren Jackson was a big surprise to me with his 3pt shooting. Admittedly, I haven't watched any of him in HS, but he was really fun to watch. On the other side, March came early for Allen. Duval looked great with his passing and defense. It's a shame he doesn't have a jumpshot right now. If he can't add a jumper, he seems destined to be a backup PG which would be good value for a later 1st round pick. Carter Jr is raw, and like Jackson, it'll take me a few more games before I can access him better. He's someone who looks like he would benefit a lot from NBA spacing. Don't see him as a pick for the Kings though(don't think he has the offensive arsenal to be a potential #1 scorer). Bridges was disappointing. Don't see much improvement in his game, but it was just 1 rough game for him. Didn't do anything except hit 3s.

    It's too early to dislike any prospects, but the Kentucky guys are disappointing me this year. Luckily for fans, I think Kentucky might actually have 3-4 contributing sophomores next year. Really early in the college season, but I wouldn't look at any Kentucky guys for the Kings this year. Ayton, Doncic, Porter Jr, and Bagley seem to be locked in somewhere at the top 5.
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    Yep, I'm going to be up late trying to catch up. I have about 7 games recorded including the Duke game. Should be fun. I think MSU is going to surprise some people this year. I have them in my final four, so that's probably the kiss of death, but I like their team. Duke is the team to beat until they prove otherwise. Just too much talent. Kentucky didn't have one of their best recruiting years, at least in grabbing top ten recruits. They only have one in the top ten (Knox) and he came in at number ten. They do have a lot of athleticism and raw talent, with the emphasis on raw. Your right about next year. If some of these guys decide to stay for another year, Kentucky could be a monster next year. A lot of IF's there. I like Duval a lot, and you nailed it with the jumpshot. He's a very talented PG. The nice thing for him is that he's surrounded by people that can score.
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    Ayton is getting all the press right now, and rightly so. Through three games he's playing like the 1st pick in the draft. But one of his teammates, who is off to a terrific start is being overlooked a bit. Allonzo Trier, is averaging 31.0 ppg, 4.5 rpg, and 3 apg. The 6'5" guard is shooting 64.5% overall, and 50.0% from the three. Of course there is no way he can continue to put up those numbers, or at least those averages, but he certainly making people take notice. Arizona is going to be tough to beat in the Pac 12. Bagley came back down to earth in his last game. Some yearly tournaments coming up and setting the stage for conference play.
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    Would love to see 2 games og Ayton versus Bamba to have on taoe if king are in position to pick Ayton. Ayton is a man amoungst boys so it is very easy for him to be calm and patient, loose and confident while he plays. Nobody comes close to being able to bother him. As Baja pointed out, 1 concern is how he does bobble the ball at times. Would live to see how he handles himself against Bamba.

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