Drake Would Like To See Vince Carter Return To The Toronto Raptors

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    From 1998 to 2004, Vince Carter adorned the Toronto Raptors’ jersey as he sought to bring glory and honor to the NBA team. The famed athlete was later traded to the then New Jersey Nets three years after he led the franchise to the 2000 NBA Playoffs. From there, Carter played for the Orlando Magic, Dallas Mavericks, Pheonix Suns, Memphis Grizzlies, and presently, the Sacramento Kings.

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  2. The Hammer

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    He didn't adorn the jersey.

    He donned the jersey.

    The jersey adorned him.

    Christ help our education system.
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    What the? The writer is atrocious.

    "...before he begins to think about bowing out of the league indefinitely."

    Carter is going to start to think about bowing out of the league indefinitely? Wouldn't it have been a little easier to say - Oh, I don't know - before he begins to think about retiring? But hey, maybe she's being paid by the word.
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    I couldn't get past the first few sentences, it hurt me too much.

    My mother during her career was at times a remedial reading and writing teacher, so I know what a 4th grade writing level is, a 7th grade, 12th grade. Let's take a moment to remember this is on YAHOO. This is about an 8th grade writing level, and that's probably being generous. Not only that, this person writes for a living for a major publication. It's absolutely disgusting.

    Beyond the vomit-inducing misuse of words, the entire thing is written in cliches. So not only is this person a disgustingly bad writer, they either don't have a style editor or that person is equally horrible at their job. What's worse, you can tell the writer is reaching for cliches and hyperbole, because they think that is good writing. This person had horrible writing teachers. Just an all around fail.
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