Bogdan Bogdanovic

Discussion in 'Personnel moves' started by Section 101, Jun 24, 2016.

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  1. Blastoff

    Blastoff Active Member

    To me, "next year" is 2017-18...but who knows.
  2. Glenn

    Glenn Well-Known Member Contributor

    Yes, but it makes no sense. In my culture "next year" means 2017-2018. "This year" is 2016-2017. I would rather that he came "next season." We'll see.
  3. Čarolija

    Čarolija Well-Known Member

    Salaries in Europe are after tax so that would be the amount that he gets into his pocket in euros and not dollars.

    Not to mention he has a buyout that is bigger than NBA team is allowed to pay so he would have to pay the difference out of his own pockets. While it would be excellent for us if he does come over straight away, it would be a financial suicide for him.
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  4. macadocious

    macadocious Well-Known Member

    On the Dunc'd podcast that recorded on 7/2 they said it was confirmed Bogdanwas staying in Europe this season.

    They also had great things to Say about the signings and structure of contracts and gave Cantenella tons of credit.
  5. Hoovtrain

    Hoovtrain Well-Known Member

  6. Blastoff

    Blastoff Active Member

    Drazen Petrovic 2.0?
  7. funkykingston

    funkykingston Well-Known Member

    If Bogdanovic can be an NBA contributor and either Mitrovic or Guidatis can as well then the Kings could get some nice reinforcements next season when they (hopefully) won't have a first round pick.

    Best of all, they'd likely be relatively low cost compared to what would come out of the free agent market.

    Somehow the Kings need to find a second star player to pair with Cousins but if they can figure out how to do that (likely not the draft and almost certainly not a FA signing so it'd probably be taking a gamble on a guy via trade) they are very well positioned going forward. Defensive role players that fit what Joerger wants to do, solid starters at every position and a stud big man with lots of roster and cap flexibility moving forward.
  8. chasen4r1

    chasen4r1 Well-Known Member

    Is this a new hope I see in you, funky?
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  9. funkykingston

    funkykingston Well-Known Member

    Against my better judgement, yes.

    I just really want the Kings to not let me down this year.
  10. Hansel

    Hansel Active Member

    Bogdanovic is gonna be a pretty good player in the league. Not an all-star, but a solid player for playoff teams.
    Right now, on the other hand, I'll be surprised if Gudaitis and Mitrovic make it into the league.
  11. Čarolija

    Čarolija Well-Known Member

  12. 206Fan

    206Fan Well-Known Member

    Highlights in his 1st game vs. Puerto Rico:
    12pts 5 asts 7rebs 1to. 3-5 from 2pt, and 2-8 from 3pt.

    His next game will be on Friday at 12!
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  13. King Baller

    King Baller Well-Known Member

    Just in that small sample that team sure passes the ball nicely. Bogdan appears to have a good feel for spacing and knowing when he should take his shot and when he should pass.
  14. 206Fan

    206Fan Well-Known Member

    In his 2nd game vs. Angola, he actually had 8 assists! I updated above to include his shooting stats for the Puerto Rico game which was 3-5 from 2pt, and 2-8 from 3pt. Also had 7rebs.

    Vs. Angola, he put up 12pts 8 asts 4rebs 1stl 1to. 0-1 from 2pt, and 4-5 from 3pt.

    Bogdanovic is going to be good.
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  15. 206Fan

    206Fan Well-Known Member

    Bogdanovic is playing right now. VS Czech Republic. It's free to watch on ESPN 3

    Edit: Should add that this is a VERY good Czech team. It'll be Bogdan's toughest opponent in the qualifiyings thus far.
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  16. kingsboi

    kingsboi Well-Known Member

    I like the fact that he isn't just shooting the ball and contributing in other aspects in the box score...I wonder how much of a defender he is, if at all, probably the latter...but even with that said, I like the form on his jump shot. It should be a contributing factor, if nothing else, at the pro level.
  17. ElRey

    ElRey Well-Known Member

    This Bogdanovic guy can play...Watching the Serbia versus Czech FIBA Olympic qualifying game. He has 21 pts, 8 rebs and 3 assist. Not just a shooter, he can create a shot with dribble penetration moves.
  18. 206Fan

    206Fan Well-Known Member

    Bogdan Bogdanovic vs. Czech Republic: 21pts 8rebs 3asts 1stl 3tos
    5-8 shooting from 2pt, 3-4 shooting from 3pt.

    Here are all my live notes on him from the game:
    • Missed and Made/Attacking. With Serbia's very first possession, he attacked the rim, but wasn't able to finish. It took a weird bounce off the rim and he was able to get it, then attacked the rim again, and made it.
    • Assist. Drove to the rim, and was able to kick out to a 3pt shooter for the assist
    • Made a good catch and shoot 3
    • Missed/Attacking. Tried to drive in, but wasn't able to finish around the rim
    • Made a shot of the dribble for a 3pter
    • Pass. Was able to get to the rim pretty nicely, but decided on a bounce pass to an open shooter, who missed
    • Made. Got behind the defense and threw in a very strong 1 handed dunk
    • Made a jumpshot from the elbow
    • Turnover by Bogdanovic. He drove in very out of control, got trapped, and kicked it out to no one.
    • Steal. He jumped in front of a pass, and using his long arms, he was able to get the steal
    • Transition. After the steal, he was very smooth in transition, and threw a good lead pass from the 3pt line? to Nedovic who didn't finish, but was fouled.
    • Transition. Grabbed a loose defensive rebound, and quickly sprinted out in transition. Passed the ball to an open 3pt shooter, who the passed it to Teodosic for the 3pter. Teodosic missed, and Czech Republic grabbed the rebound. He threw a lead pass for the player in transition, but Bogdan and another player bodied him up, causing him to whiff on the catch. TO for Czech Republic
    • Turnover. Missed this turnover
    • Missed. Took a 3pt shot, but missed it
    2nd half
    • Transition and Miss. Tried attacking the basket in transition, but his handles were too high and loose, causing him to lose control. He almost turned it over, then decided to put up a floater. Poor shot selection
    • Pass. Did a very nice shake and bake to get past his man while going to the rim, he decided to drop it off to Jokic, who got blocked
    • Attacking/fouled. Was a bit loose with his initial dribbles, but was able to get to the rim, and missed, but was bailed out by a reach in. Made both FTs
    • Defense. Got slightly beat by his man, and wasn't able to fully recover. Forced help defense, but Bogdan ended up fouling him on the drive
    • Turnover. Loose handles and high dribbling while attacking forced him to turn the ball over
    • Made a very good looking floater. Was able to get into the paint, and flipped up a nice floater
    • Made a reverse flick at the rim. Able to beat his man, and attacked from the right side, and put up in a reverse layup. Looked extremely smooth
    • Made catch and shoot 3
    *I actually missed 2 of his assists, so I didn't log that in above.

    In the 1st half, Serbia was running the offense through Bogdanovic. He looked really comfortable with the ball in his hands. He was really aggressive and looked to attack the paint any chance he had. However, his dribble is really loose right now. He dribbles a bit too high, and he was fortunate not to have more TOs. I think he just needs to tighten it up a bit. He has decent quickness, and was able to use it to get by his defender. He was comfortable attacking from the left and right sides. Didn't finish as well as you'd hope he would at the rim today, but he's very capable of doing so.

    He loves to run in transition. He's a good fluid athlete. Comfortable ball handler with good IQ. Was active in trying to make the right passes.

    He looks good playing off-ball, but he was commanding for the ball a lot. I think he's a much more comfortable player with the ball in his hands than off.

    He also ended up with 8rebounds, but several of them rolled to him.

    On defense, it was kind of hard to judge him that's why I don't have many notes there. He wasn't guarding Tomas Satoransky, which was disappointing. Satoransky is a very good combo guard who plays very similarly to Bogdan. He recently signed with the Wizards after being draft and stashed. He actually ended up guarding a role player who was limited on offense.

    In all, it was a good game for him. He excelled with the ball in his hands and was able to score in a variety of ways. Scored about 3 times at the rim, 2times from mid range, and 3 times from 3pt line. He has a diverse offensive skillset. He's a good passer as well, despite not racking up a lot of assists this game. Defense looked solid for the most part.
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  19. Hoovtrain

    Hoovtrain Well-Known Member

    That's what I liked about his highlights. He can handle the ball and has good court vision
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  20. The Hammer

    The Hammer Well-Known Member

    Oh why not... :)

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  21. Čarolija

    Čarolija Well-Known Member

    I have seen a fair bit of Bogdanović given he has played for my team in Serbia and then followed him closely in Turkey where he played for a great Serbian coach (another Partizan product).

    The best way I can describe Bogdan when projecting him as an NBA player would be jack of all trades master of none. He has solid handles, solid passer, solid defender, good shooter from deep. He is a fighter. Has that ability to step up when the game is on the line. Not sure how that will translate when he faces NBA defenses.

    When he was at Partizan, the coach made him practice his 3 from deep when he would actually shoot over a coach who was standing on a chair and was holding a broom as high as he can to try and replicate a long shot blocker. The end result is a nice arc on his shot and ability to get it off against longer defenders. When he gets on a roll he is touch to stop.

    He is one of his last games for Partizan before leaving for Fenerbahce against the arch rival Red Star who was a better, more mature team that eventually went on to win the series. Interesting to note there are quite a few players who have either played in the NBA or still play in the NBA. Bogdanović was doubful with a shoulder injury but ended up with 36 points and leading his team to a win. Past, present or hopeful NBA players in this game were Sasha Pavlovic (Partizan), Davis Bertans (Partizan - drafted by San Antonio and is coming over to the NBA for next season), Joffrey Lauvergne, current Nuggets player (Partizan - captain), Boban Marjanovic, now former Spur who just signed with Pistons for 3 year $21 million deal (Red Star), Marcus Williams, former 1st round draft pick by Nets I think. (Red Star) and Luka Mitrovic, currently on Kings Summer League Team (Red Star)

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  22. Sac.1989

    Sac.1989 Well-Known Member

    Solid player. What are we going to pay him? If I'm Vlade I'm looking to lock him in long term on the cheap. His game will translate.

    What's he on now and what's reasonable ? Thoughts ?
  23. KingsFan80

    KingsFan80 Guest

    Is there any guarantee this guy is going to come at all in a year or two or even ever?
  24. Blob

    Blob Well-Known Member

    I think this is an interesting comparison.

    Ben McLemore 6'7".75
    Bogdan Bogdanovic: 6"11.07
    Malachi Richardson: 7"0

    Obvious conclusion: Ben has a pterodactyl arms....TRADE HIM!

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  25. al lskillz

    al lskillz New Member

    In final qualifying game vs Puerto Rico, Bogdanovic in 24 minutes, 26p 9/14 fg 8a 2r 1to
  26. ElRey

    ElRey Well-Known Member

    Lol I've always thought Ben seemed shorter than 6'5"
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  27. Bricklayer

    Bricklayer Don't Make Me Use The Bat Staff Member Contributor

    its always been there, one of the reasons why the "great athlete" stuff has never really translated into "disruptive defender".

    But 6'7.75" really isn't exceptionally stubby for his height. Its just not exceptionally reachy.

    for comparison winspans:
    Tyreke Evans 6'11.25"
    Nik Stauskas 6'7.75"
    Marcus Thornton 6'5"
    Jimmer Fredette 6'4.5"

    sometimes, in fact a lot of times, you can just "feel" when somebody has wingspan or not in how disruptive they can be. Those extra couple of inches make a ton of difference. Bogan coming in with Tyreke length is another mark in his favor.
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  28. Fear the Putin

    Fear the Putin Well-Known Member

    I think you mean trex arms
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  29. ElRey

    ElRey Well-Known Member

    This has really opened my eyes, I have never really thought much of wingspan when it comes to defense. Always just look at athleticism like vertical jump, speed. Here are the wingspan of some top defensive players today. Looks like wingspan is just as important if not more than athleticism!

    Kawhi Leonard: 7'3" !!!
    Deandre Jordan : 7'6"
    Willie Caulie Stein : 7'3"
    Draymond Green: 7'1.25"
    Tony Allen : 6'9"
    Serge Ibaka: 7'3"
    Anthony Davis: 7'5.5"
    Hassan Whiteside: 7'7"
    Demarcus Cousins : 7'5.75"
    Rajon Rondo: 6'9"
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  30. Glenn

    Glenn Well-Known Member Contributor

    Papagiannis is 7'6" At 7'2" in height, that gives him a head start that I hope he can use well.
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