Bogdan Bogdanovic

Discussion in 'Personnel moves' started by Section 101, Jun 24, 2016.

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  1. ESP47

    ESP47 Well-Known Member

    He has Garrett Temple handles and speed so he's not going to be playing PG over here. He can't even get into the paint on a regular basis against Euros. Definitely doesn't have a quick enough first step to play PG in the NBA.

    What he does have are nice handles, good court vision and solid passing. So if you're stuck in a situation where the ball is swinging around with the shot clock draining down, a guy like Bogdan will give you the shot to make something happen on a fairly consistent basis where as of now McLemore would have no idea what to do and Hield would try but would most likely fail because he doesn't have the handles and court vision necessary to make something happen when it's the only play available.

    I really hope he comes over here and battles Hield for playing time. I'm not a fan of playing Malachi at SF but it might be necessary to give all these guys time on the court. It's not like next year is going to be "the year" anyway.
  2. Hansel

    Hansel Active Member

    Don't forget European teams are more organized than average NBA team and with no defensive 3 sec violation is more difficult to go straight to the basket. No one can get into the paint on regular basis in Europe. Right now he's a better player than Hield, I think.
    I'm just curious to see which kind of basketball we are going to play. In a european style basketball he would be a great addition (I'm thinking of team like Spurs or Jazz, or the old Kings).
  3. biltalent

    biltalent Well-Known Member

    I think Joerger's going to continue his high-post flare screen/ball screen offense in which Bogdanovic will fit beautifully. It defintely has an european touch.

    This is from the lithuanian national team and it looks exactly like what the kings are running. You can also imagine Bogdanovic receiving ball screens, dribble handoffs etc. very well
  4. kingsboi

    kingsboi Well-Known Member

    encouraging to see him play well in the opening game of the playoffs. Now it's all about remaining consistent and also committing to come over once the postseason is finished for his ball club.
  5. upinsmoke

    upinsmoke Well-Known Member

    So he can't guard SF's or PG's. Can he guard SG's at the highest level? It's not like things get easier there. I think he's going to have to play the combo guard role in the league. If he doesn't leave Europe this summer stick a fork in him he's not coming, just ask Phoenix.
  6. "The Serbian Sniper"

    "The Serbian Sniper" Well-Known Member

    Hello Kings from Serbia! First of all, sorry for my bad english. Im Kings fan since 00's era, mostly because of Divac and Peja, but it only started with them. Now woking up in late night for many matches, and im really looking forward for this new young team.

    Since im from Serbia, i watched Bogdan since he was 16,17, and always was a great talent with high basketball IQ and best of all, "weird" but great character! I think he can't be PG, he is too slow for that position, although he has good handles and solid pass, he couldnt guard other NBA PG's. He can create a lot with a ball, from Pick and roll too, he makes a lot of smart decisions and he can score some impossible shoots (Trust me, he can!). His position is SG (SF), and he could be point foward sometimes, but he needs PG in lineup with him. Despite two injuries this season, he is having great year for Fenerbahce and i really hope he will end it big and clutch, as F4 coming soon. I think he is ready for NBA. Like i said, he has, lets say weird character. He can make some crazy plays (sometimes bad), but he is able to hit 3 or 4 threes in a row and make a comeback from 10 point defficit in a minute. Trust me, he can! Take this guy, you wont regret, and give Serbian people again (after 15 years since Divac and Peja) a reason to watch Kings every night as we were, because we really love basketball! :D
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  7. VF21

    VF21 #KingsFansForever Staff Member Contributor

    Welcome to ! First, please do not feel you have to apologize for your English. We welcome fans from all over the world and I'm always amazed at how well they manage to express themselves in English. I only know a couple of phrases in Serbian and could not even begin to post on a Serbian message board.

    We're glad you're here.
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  8. kingsboi

    kingsboi Well-Known Member

    dobro dosli!
  9. SacTownKid

    SacTownKid Well-Known Member

    In the Olympic games they had him guard PG's a bunch, and he did a good job. On the ball he looks to have serious potential guarding multiple positions, off the ball there were issues but that should be corrected partly through better game planning.
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  10. bajaden

    bajaden Well-Known Member

    Yeah, you beat me to it. European teams use the same rule that college teams use, with no defensive 3 second rule. So they can just plant a center or a PF in the paint under the basket. Makes it a lot harder to get to the basket because the lane is almost always blocked. Bogdanovic will have a much easier time getting into the lane in the NBA. His handles appear to be fine, and I see no problem with his athleticism. If you have good handles, and a little shake and bake, you don't need a quick first step. Andre Miller's first step was hardly quick, but he got anywhere he wanted on the floor.

    My problem with anyone that's playing the point has nothing to do with a quick first step, or being explosive ect. Nice to have those things, but I'm more interested in the players BBIQ, his court vision, and how good a passer he is. That said, I'm not trying to make Bogdanovic into a PG. I was curious if you thought he had any PG skills. Be nice if he could be a second coming of Temple. Jack of all trades.
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  11. upinsmoke

    upinsmoke Well-Known Member

    Balls in his court to come over. I hope he does and is a great player.
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  12. bajaden

    bajaden Well-Known Member

    Alright, what did you call me? Huh? Come on, fess up! :rolleyes:
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  13. bajaden

    bajaden Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the post. Always nice to get first hand info. Especially on a player we can't get to see play on a regular basis. You answered all my questions, so thanks again, and welcome. Don't be a stranger. Hopefully you can give us some updates in the coming weeks.
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  14. "The Serbian Sniper"

    "The Serbian Sniper" Well-Known Member

    Thank you all for welcome!
    Well, i will watch all Bogdan games in Euroleague until the end, and some in Turkish play-offs too. So, you can expect my opinions and updates about his games.
  15. VF21

    VF21 #KingsFansForever Staff Member Contributor

    He said "Welcome." :)
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  16. ockingsfan

    ockingsfan Well-Known Member

    Yes, thank you for the updates.

    Do you have any feel about whether Bogdan plans to make the jump to the NBA? Did he have any interviews or articles or any hunches on the chances he comes over to the NBA this summer?

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  17. "The Serbian Sniper"

    "The Serbian Sniper" Well-Known Member

    Last time i saw something about Bogdan, was short interview for local media. It was a month ago....
    "Želeo bih da prokomentarišem nedavne medijske navode koji se tiču Sakramento Kingsa i mene, jer dobijam mnogo pitanja navijača vezanih za svoju budućnost. Ponosan sam i osećam čast što Vlade Divac govori tako pozitivno o meni kao košarkašu. On je srpska košarkaška legenda"
    "Ali, da razjasnim, neću diskutovati o NBA ligi ili donositi odluku o budućnosti pre nego što sezona sa Fenerbahčeom bude završena. Oduvek sam živeo u sadašnjosti i volim da igram za Fenerbahče. Fokusiran sam na to da uradim sve što mogu da pomognem Fenerbahčeu da ostvari ciljeve koje smo postavili zajedno, kao tim"

    "I want to give a comments on recent media speculations about Sacramento Kings and me, because i receive many questions from fans about my future. I am proud and honored because Vlade Divac says all positives things about me as a basketball player. He is Serbian basketball legend"
    "But, lets make this clear, i wont be discusing about NBA league or making decisions about my future before this season with Fenerbahce is not over. I always lived in present and i love playing for Fenerbahce. Im only focused at this season challenges"

    So, basically, he said nothing new.
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  18. ESP47

    ESP47 Well-Known Member

    I really don't think it matters what rules they play under in Europe. You can just tell by Bogdan's highlights that he's not fast enough to play PG in the NBA. He struggles to get around less athletic players in Europe. There's no way he's getting by NBA wings on a regular basis. He can handle the ball when it's needed but you're a lottery team if this guy is playing 20 minutes a game at PG.
  19. Hansel

    Hansel Active Member

    Game2, decent start... (I'm not sure if I can post this, but check it out )

    UPDATE First quarter 20-22: Bogdanovic 12 pts (5/5 from the field, 2/2 from three), despite 2 early fouls in the first 4' he stayed on the court the entire quarter playing smartly.

    UPDATE First half 43-45: Bogdanovic and Udoh are doing everything for Fenerbahce combining for 32 points, some Udoh points are assisted by the serbian guard who finish a dominating first half with 18 pts (7/10 from the field, 4/5 from three) 3 rbs 4 ast and still 2 fouls, that's maturity.

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  20. LPKingsFan

    LPKingsFan Well-Known Member

    From Carmichael Dave's blog today:

    I'd be curious who constitutes a "massive name"--Fultz or Ball, surely, but Fox?

    And I wonder if this makes it more likely that the Kings draft someone like Monk- where you hope that any Monk/Buddy or Monk/Bogdan pairing has enough playmaking with both in a combo role.
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  21. No no no no. Massive no from me about this idea. You have to draft a Point Guard in this draft, and Monk will likely be taken by the 76ers before us because it would be a perfect fit for them with Ben Simmons running the point.

    But talking about Bogdanovic, he is must sign guy this offseason. PG in a Shooting guard body, with similar body type to Andre Iguodala, so I think he could play some SF going forward and I think Bogdanovic is now a little bit over 200 pounds. Iggy is like 205-210 pounds right now.
  22. kingsboi

    kingsboi Well-Known Member

    Good thing the draft is before Free agency. What they say now holds no merit until they see what players drop to them. If a PG drops to them, I have no reason to believe they won't draft one of them and sign one of Ty or Darren.
  23. 206Fan

    206Fan Well-Known Member


    I don't think the Kings will be that naive or dumb? Kings are a young team and we need a franchise PG. Almost every single Elite team has an ELITE PG. I'd be so done with the Kings if they saw Lawson/Bogdanovic as our PG of the future.
  24. Hansel

    Hansel Active Member

    Fenerbahce wins in Athens again 75-80, guess who's the mvp? 25 pts (10/15, 5/8 from three) 8 rbs 6 ast.

    Quiet second half, just 5 points in a row in the last minutes from 68-71 to 71-76, then just free throws made by teammates.
  25. gunks

    gunks Well-Known Member

    Really hope this guy comes over.
  26. biltalent

    biltalent Well-Known Member

    Austin Green @LosCrossovers
    Bogdan Bogdanovic might be the best player in Europe and he knows it

    Austin Green @LosCrossovers
    He's playing with so much confidence. He's so patient now, he's creating great shots for his teammates, he's a versatile scorer, he's tough

    Well does that push Ntilikina up the draft boards? :) Ntilikina-Hield-Bogdanovic sounds like a very nice combo to close games. You got enough shooting, defense and ball handling. I mean, Hield is possible the smallest of the group standing 6'5 with a 6'9" wingspan.
  27. Joshoua

    Joshoua Well-Known Member

    This means we won't taking Dennis Smith under any circumstances
  28. And I Like it.
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  29. bajaden

    bajaden Well-Known Member

    Well, I guess that's the final word. No point in discussing it any further.
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  30. Blob

    Blob Well-Known Member

    Bogdan is savvy. He knows angles. He uses an economy of motion. With his size he would protect his dribble. These are PG attributes. It is hard to gauge his NBA level of quickness against Euro competition. Certainly not enough to declare absolutely he cannot pay PG in NBA in spot minutes. A lot of Euro pace is half-court oriented and structured. He may have the quickness he just doesn't show it often in this context.
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