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Discussion in 'Personnel moves' started by Section 101, Jun 24, 2016.

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    I agree with this general sentiment but I tend to skew younger in the draft just because of the way the rules are set up now. Anyone with a shot at top 10 is leaving early which means the talent level gets diluted way down by the time you get to the 3 and 4 year college players. There are always exceptions though. Unless they change the one and done rules you really don't have a choice but to draft on potential and develop teenagers on your own dime. These players get scouted so much by the time they even get to college that the odds of finding a star player go way down if you're not picking primarily 19 and 20 year olds.

    Bogdan is a different case though. We already used a pick on him (more or less). He's not too old to fit with our younger core. We need talent anywhere we can get it right now in the starting lineup and on the bench.
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    David Pick‏@IAmDPick

    Fenerbahce announce no damage to Bogdan Bogdanovic ankle. U will see BOMBdanovic get buckets in Euroleague playoffs.

    I really hope Bogdan plays lights out and his team wins the Euroleague championship this year and he finally comes over to the NBA this summer! :)
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    Yeah, I understand the system we have now, and why we end up drafting kids that 18 or 19 years old. It is what it is. I wish they would increase the age limit a little as a compromise, and maybe they will in the future. But when a talented player comes along and he happens to be over 23 years of age, I don't get why that player is downgraded because of it. Look at Malcom Brogdan last year. I said he deserved to be a 1st round pick before the draft and the only reason he wasn't was because of his age. Now he's in the running for ROY. I don't understand the mentality.
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    Jeeze. Do you care at all about being accurate, or does that just get in your way? First, the trade wasn't DMC for Buddy. It just wasn't, no matter how many times you and some others repeat that story. Second, there is no evidence that Vivek compared Buddy to Steph. Some media guy said some unidentified person told him that. Is that your evidence? Or are you just repeating something that others are repeating because it's a convenient slap in the face of Vivek? I'd love for Vivek to lose his position as managing partner of the Kings because of the track record he's earned thus far. So I'm no fan. But even more I hate the use of false and suspect info that gets repeated around here as fact.
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    Well, for starters, we did learn the wonderful nugget that Vivek would pull a Wicked Witch every time he saw Buddy.

    "I'll get you (on my team) my pretty."
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    Oh boy I don't even know how often I wrote that in a slightly different context. :confused:;)
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    No issue with that! Even heard Buddy himself say that. Not the Wicked Witch reference, though. :p
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    Ok. The known quantity we got back for Cousins was Hield. Plain and simple. The other players are filler. Lottery pick is fine, but you don't know what it will turn out to be. We've had lottery picks for years and haven't uncovered another Cousins type talent level. We know what Cousin's is. So for now, known quantity for known quantity is Cousins for Hield.

    Second. "Some media guy" is where we get our additional access to information. Depending on their track record, we can make a decision on whether we trust what they say. But I don't have front row seats next to Vivek and I don't have access to players other than what I see on the court or in an interview. If I can't rely on a credible media guy, then my information will be severely limited. However, I won't dismiss what is told to me by a media guy simply because I don't like the message unless I have reason to doubt it.

    Not sure where or how I offended you, but my bad. I've come to terms with Vivek as an owner, but that doesn't mean I won't poke at him when I get the chance.
  9. King Baller

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    I don't see these things as you do. An 85% to 90% shot at a Top Ten Draft Pick in this draft is a known quantity. This pick has an actual value. Langston, Omri and Tyreke also have value.
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    You didn't offend me. You are just one of 20 posters around here that I could have jumped on for over-simplfying the DMC trade and repeating a piece of unverified "news" as though it were fact. (Yes, my opinion.) Sorry you were my target. As I've posted before, Vivek is an easy target for frustrated Kings fans. It's not difficult to criticize him with observable facts without having to resort to questionable facts. That's where I'm coming from. But that's my opinion, and I wouldn't be on this board if I didn't want to hear the opinions of others. (Even when they're wrong!)
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    LOL. Fair enough.
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    Surprisingly, Bogdan played tonight and checking the boxscore looks like he played well.

    16 pts (4/5 from the field, 2/3 from three, 6/7 from the ft line) 2 rbs 4 ast 1 stl 1 to

    Most important is what coach Obradovic said after the game...

    "... It’s obvious that our rotation is very, let’s say, short because of the situation we have with some players. And for me it was a big surprise because Bogdan really insisted to play even without almost any practice."

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